Microsoft Rewards daily achievement integrated into Xbox Game Pass starting April 4

These are times of change at Microsoft. Surely you remember the news that the 1-month subscription offer for only 1 euro is no longer available for Xbox Game Pass. And it’s not the only novelty in the Xbox ecosystem…

Does Microsoft Rewards ring a bell? This is the Xbox loyalty program, which allows you to get discounts and gift cards (as well as other prizes) just by playing your games.

As we unlock achievements and complete daily goals, Microsoft Rewards rewards us with points. Afterwards, we can redeem the points for participation in raffles, contests, prepaid cards or even subscriptions to Xbox services.


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One of the best-known daily achievements was ”get more. Earn more”, that it gave you 50 points just by unlocking an achievement in any video game.

Microsoft has announced (via True Achievements) that this daily achievement will no longer be available… for non-Xbox Game Pass subscribers, from April 4.

One more incentive to subscribe to Game Pass

Starting next April 4th, the daily achievement ”get more. Earn morewill become one more objective of Missions. These types of objectives are only available to Game Pass users.

In other words, very soon you will stop getting 50 points for unlocking a random achievement on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows. To do this, it will be mandatory to subscribe to xbox game passfrom a certain point of view.

And not only that. The integration of the daily achievement in Game Pass means that we will only get the points if we unlock an achievement in an Xbox Game Pass title.

Until now, any game was compatible with this bonus. Starting April 4 Only those games included in the Game Pass catalog will be considered (and therefore EA Play).

It’s not that substantial, but it’s basically just another bonus for Game Pass members. And on the other hand, a notable absence for those Xbox gamers who are NOT subscribed.

It is a movement that leads to think the following: Microsoft wants to increase the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers. And at the moment we still don’t know what will happen with the Xbox Live Gold monthly games.

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Microsoft Rewards is an exciting program that every Xbox user should know about. If you play enough, you could even get totally free games, add-ons and subscriptions.

Are you subscribed to Xbox Game Pass? Microsoft service could add the Ubisoft Plus catalog in mid-Apriland all this in a crucial 2023 for the green strip, with Redfall, Starfield, Minecraft Legends or Forza Motorsport 8 on the horizon.

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