Milio, now available in the League of Legends: skills and design

thousandthe new champion of League of LegendsIt is now available. Riot Games has shared details about his appearance and abilities, confirming that it is a support from the Ixtal region. It is a character that improves his companions while helping them to recover effectively. In this article we share some of its special features and a little nod to Argentina that the translators decided to include.

When will Milio be available in League of Legends?

Milio is now available in League of Legends as the first official champion of this year 2023. Riot Games has shared details about his appearance and abilities, confirming that he is a support from the Ixtal region. It was tested from March 7 on the PBE and since March 22 it is already on the official server.

He himself is a balanced character who buffs his teammates and helps them recover effectively. The next step will be to see how he fares in the community and if he becomes a major champion in the bot lane. In addition there will be a next champion called Naafiri, about whom information is still unknown.

Who is Milio in League of Legends?

thousand He is a young man who masters the fiery axiom thanks to his original way of seeing the world and who helps others through the healing fire. Though he has been pressured to return his family to its former glory, he has left his comfortable village and wandered into the wilds of Ixtal, unaware of what awaits him in the capital. from Ixaocan. Meanwhile, he always carries his little oven with him, in which he creates an eternal flame that takes the form of an adorable anthropomorphic flame which he calls “Fuemigo”.

In addition, he can draw out smaller fires and use them as an extension of his own magic. Since he has had no formal training, his mastery of the fiery axiom is expressed less rigidly than that of someone who has, such as Qiyana. Each of her fire friends have personality characteristics of her familiars and Milio even talks to them. Riot Games fans will also be able to enjoy Milio’s new skin: Faerie Cut, which they can play in themed matches alongside other champions with the same skin.

Milio and a small tribute to Messi

In the Latin dubbing of the MOBA, Milio repeats the now iconic phrase of Messi against Wout Weghorst “What are you looking at Bobo?. This creative freedom is not new in the Lol, since many winks adapted to each language or culture are included. In this case, it makes sense since Milio hails from the fictional region Ixtal, which may be reminiscent of Spanish America, and has abilities such as the “Ultra Mega Burning Kick”, which involves kicking a ball that pushes the enemy away, making some reference to the soccer craze in the region.

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