Pokémon Go fans ask for support for tournaments

  • In 2022, revenue from Pokémon GO in-app purchases exceeded $645.59 million worldwide.

  • Just a week after the launch of this app on July 19, it had already been downloaded more than ten million times around the world.

  • The last unofficial Pokémon Go tournament was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina where more than 200 participants gathered.

fans of Pokémon Go They have run a campaign on Twitter asking for more support so that fans can attend the tournaments. To this end, a statement has been submitted. In addition, to make this visible, they have used the hashtag “HelloPlayPokemon” .

Pokémon Go

The augmented reality game Pokémon Go it has been a worldwide phenomenon since its launch in 2016. In Latin America, the popularity of the game has been growing steadily and more and more fans are organizing tournaments and events to enjoy the community gaming experience.

pokemon company a few years ago it was launched into the world of mobile video games, it surprised the world presented in July 2016 to Pokemon GO, which was the novelty due to the experience that this game offered with augmented reality (AR) based on the location, and due to this it managed to generate a different experience for each user, since it depended a lot on the luck of where they were to catch to the best creatures, this even caused several people to take tours in order to meet new pokémones. With this idea, it was possible to reconquer the generation millennial of the 1990s, as gamers around the world loved the concept of catching virtual Pokémon in real-world settings. According to Statista data, in 2022, the revenue from Pokémon GO in-app purchases exceeded 645.59 million dollars worldwide.

Pokémon Go fans ask for support for tournaments

In social networks and specifically in Twitterthe fan community of Pokemon go is looking for support to be able to attend unofficial tournaments because Latinos have shown more interest and participation in said tournaments videogame and it is that last weekend a great performance was noted during a competition in the Latin region. The last unofficial Pokémon Go tournament was held in Argentina where more than 200 participants gathered.

In a statement issued by the user @Sonoromano, the support initiative was announced and it was even mentioned that a Mexican coach traveled to Argentina to be able to participate in the Pokémon Go championship and be crowned in the Charlotte Regional Championship.

“Over the years, the Latino community from #PokemonGO created a strong link to trainer battles. We have organized the biggest tournaments and leagues to date, with more than 1000 players. This time we ask for your help and support!”

Support is requested mainly from pokemon company, play! Pokémon and Niantic so that Latin America has more qualifying championships, because as mentioned in the statement, the costs to travel to North America are usually high.

It’s clear that tournaments are a great opportunity to bring the community together, encourage friendly competition, and strengthen the bonds between players. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to ask for the necessary support so that these events have greater visibility in the world. gaming with the purpose that they continue to be carried out and a strong and united community is fostered around it.

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