The best way to fake your location and play Pokémon Go on Android and iOS

In today’s age of technology, location-based mobile games like Pokemon GO have become extremely popular. These games use the player’s location in the real world to create a unique and exciting gaming experience. However, some players may be limited by the geographic restrictions imposed by these games. Fortunately, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can allow gamers to spoof their location and access these gaming experiences without ever leaving their home.

Before exploring how VPNs can allow gamers to access location-based gaming without ever leaving their home, it’s important to understand what a VPN is and how it works. In short, a VPN is a private network that is used to encrypt and secure the user’s Internet connection. When a user connects to a VPN, their IP address is hidden and replaced with the VPN’s IP address. This means that the user appears as if they are browsing from the physical location of the VPN, instead of their actual location.

Now, if you want your IP address to match your GPS location and avoid any problems, ClevGo is the only service that does all of this. in a single application.

Discharge ClevGo:

Use ClevGo to fake your location

Part 1: Connect your Android or Apple device to your PC
Download and Install ClevGo on your computer. Then click “start” to start the process.

After your device has been connected to the PC using a USB cable, you can now do the process over WiFi. Unlock your device and click “trust” again followed by your password to finish this process.

When you are inside the software, you will be able to see the map and the location where you are.

How to change your GPS location instantly – Teleportation Mode

Select “Teleportation Mode” and enter the location. Once the map has loaded, select the “teleport mode” located at the top right of the program, which is actually the fourth option available there. Then you can enter a specific address or coordinates to find the location where you want to appear.

Once you have selected the desired location, a bar will appear showing you the basic information of the desired location such as the exact address, coordinates and distance. With a click on “move”, the location of your device will be instantly changed to that location, including that of all apps installed on that device.

Simulate GPS movement

Select the “dual location” mode, an option that you can find in the upper right part, which is the second option available there.

“Dual location” means that you will enter a starting and ending location. You can select the locations using addresses or coordinates in the search box located at the top left or simply by placing the pins on the map. You can also select the number of times the movement will be repeated and how it moves across the map to give it more realism. In the same way, it has a speed bar to simulate a walk or a journey in a vehicle.

When you have finished, click on “move” to start the simulation of the GPS movement. As the location changes on the program’s map, it will also change on your mobile device.

When the final location is reached, a “complete” notification will appear on the screen to let you know that the move is complete.

Simulate multiple GPS movements

“Multi-point” means that you can select multiple locations (up to 100) on the map to simulate constant movement. You can select the locations by entering addresses or by coordinates just like in the previous options. In this part, you might need to select the locations as well as specific paths to make it look more realistic.

In the same way, you can select the number of times that the false movements will be made and their speed through the same speed bar. Once you have everything set up, select “move” to start the process.

You are free to pause, stop and continue the process whenever you want. Once the final location is reached, a “complete” message will appear on the screen as a notification.

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