The mothers of important Brazilian gamers sneak into their children’s broadcasts to tell them to eat better

eating habits of the gamersor at least the topical image that one has of them, associated with fast food, soft drinks and unhealthy snacks and sweets, are not exactly an example of a balanced and healthy diet.
To draw young people’s attention to the convenience of eating properly and taking care of their intestinal health, Enterogerminabrand of probiotics owned by Sanofidecided to enter the community gamer with the collaboration of the most powerful and influential prescribers: the mothers, and fathers in some cases, of the most popular and followed players in the country, whom he turned into avatars and infiltrated the games to capture the attention of their children and of all his followers. The activation, created by MRM Spainwas carried out with the title of “Ready player mom”.

The action has been carried out with the title of “Ready player mom”

The project required in the first place the virtual versions of mothers and fathers, work for which they had the collaboration of Druid Gaming, agency specialized in the world of videogames,
Among the gamers chosen to be surprised by their parents in the middle of the game were, according to a statement from the agency, figures such as Nobruwhich has about 30 million followers, scorpions and lipao. The gaming fan community in Brazil is made up of some 90 million people, according to information provided by MRM.

After the creation of the avatars, and in order to accentuate the surprise effect and the impact of the action, the participating parents received training to play in Minecraft, Fortnite, Complex, Sims 4, Roblox and Zepeto. On the other hand, the platforms through which the broadcasts have been followed have been Twitch, Youtube, TikTok and Facebook.

Innovative ways in the relationship

“Our product has been on the market for half a century and part of its success is due not only to its quality, but also to the innovative -and scientific- ways in which it has maintained its relationship with society as an ally of health”, says in relation to the campaign Morelia ZanoliMarketing Director of Consumer Healthcare of Sanofi Brazil. “We are taking advantage of all the opportunities that the virtual world gives us to improve health and spread the importance of personal care, regardless of age.”

Felix del ValleChief Creative Officer of MRM Spain and a professional who has developed part of his career in the Brazilian market, comments for his part: “This activation is proof that the healthcare sector is full of opportunities. With ‘Ready player mom’, mothers were able to meet their children in full play and created a space where Enterogermina had the opportunity to communicate with a new generation of consumers”.

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