They filter mothers in their children’s video games to “scold” them

  • In 2021, the industry grew to approximately US$198.5 billion.

  • It is expected that by 2027 the video game sector will increase by around 141.6 million.

  • 79.6 percent of gamers want to develop professionally in the gaming industry gaming.

Advertising continues to be one of the most direct ways to carry a message, which is why they launch a new campaign every day. Recently, the Enterogermina brand decided to turn the mothers of each of the most popular video game players in Brazil into an avatar and filter them in game rooms so that they scold their children.

Video games reached a market value in 2021 of approximately 198.5 billion US dollars and, according to a Mordor Intelligence report, it is expected that by 2027 this will increase to around 141.6 million.

Like all industries, this one also has its leading markets; According to a study by Spanish Video Game Development, China leads the world market, with revenue in 2021 of more than 46 billion US dollars from the sale of games, consoles and other related components.

the creative campaign

Once again, creative advertising is giving people something to talk about, and the Enterogermina brand launched its “Ready player mom” campaign, where they turned moms into avatars and filtered into video game rooms to get their children’s attention.

The campaign was designed with the sole purpose of attracting the attention of young people so that they can eat properly and take care of their health while they play.

The brand, owned by Sanofi, decided to venture into the “gaming” world in the country of Brazil with the help of mothers.

In its campaign, the probiotic brand decided to turn the mothers of each of the most popular and followed players into a peculiar avatar, with the aim of appearing in their child’s favorite video game and giving them advice on good nutrition.

It was revealed that this initiative had the collaboration of the agency specialized in video games, Druid Gaming and was carried out in that South American country.

According to the company, for the project to emerge perfectly, each of the mothers received some training so that they can become familiar with the games and techniques of Minecraft, Fortnite, Complexo, Sims 4, Roblox and Zepeto.

Given this, Morelia Zanoli, Marketing Director of Consumer Healthcare at Sanofi Brazil, explained that our product has been on the market for half a century and part of its success is due not only to its quality, but also to the innovative -and scientific- forms with those that have maintained their relationship with society as an ally of health.

This brand joins others that have launched various campaigns focused on the world of video games, such as Heinz, which launched a game in conjunction with Fortnite, to visualize the problems of the agricultural industry in the world.

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