15 movies with the worst averages ever recorded on Rotten Tomatoes

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The passing averages of Rotten Tomatoes can be controversial. The rivalry between public and specialized critics constantly raises the question: Is this movie really that good? However, some productions failed to please either side or the other.

In this list, we separate 15 movies with the worst averages ever recorded on Rotten Tomatoes. Get ready to find out which movies are so bad they managed to get a “zero” of criticism. Check out!

The Nutcracker (2010)

With just 27% audience approval It is 0% expert review, The Nutcracker bring a young woman Elle Fanning starring in the classic Christmas story. In it, a lonely nine-year-old girl, marygets a wooden nutcracker as a gift from uncle albert.

The only problem of The Nutcracker is that the production does not bring anything new to the plot beyond a dubious graphic quality. With direction of Andrey Konchalovskiythe film still has John Turturro, Nathan Lane, Frances de la Tour and more in the cast.

London Fields (2018)

With Amber Heard, Billy Bob Thornton, Theo James, Cara Delevingne, Jaimie Alexander, London Fields had everything to work out. The film is an adaptation of the book by 1989 written by Friends. with your style neo-noirwe follow a clairvoyant who lives with the premonition of her own murder.

The critical consensus was that London Fields tries to adapt a beloved book with an endearing cast, but fails to be boring. Ciara Dolan of The Stranger described the film as the equivalent ”to a truck colliding with a full tank of gas”.

Stratton (2017)

Ambitious but poorly executed, that’s the general decision around strattonfilm by 2017. With Dominic Cooper It is Connie Nielsenin addition to Gemma Chan It is Tyler Hoechlinwe follow a British special service agent who tracks an international terrorist network and is ready to do anything to bring it down.

With 21% audience approval It is 0% reviewthe film was noted as no rhythm, frustrating, cliché It is forgettable.

Dark Crimes (2016)

Over the years, Jim Carrey saw himself following other paths of dramaturgy, going from comedy to thriller and even terror. Other projects may have been a success for the actor, but that was not the case with Obscure Crimes.

Described as a “true crime that fails to tell a compelling story”the film follows the policeman Tadek and the investigation of an unsolved murder case and the similarities of the crime to a book by the Polish artist Krystov Kozlow.

The Ridiculous 6 (2015)

The Ridiculous 6 was part of one of the productions of the partnership between Adam Sandler and the Netflix. O streaming may have bet on the actor’s career to make all of his subsequent endeavors a success, but that was not the case with The Ridiculous 6.

Launched in 2015the film was pointed out as lazy, “everything wrong with Hollywood in the last two decades”, “a rip off of Netflix at the hands of Sandler” and much more.

Jaws: Revenge (1987)

Not every movie needs a sequel, let alone three. But that was the case Sharkclassic of Steven Spielberg in 1975. Among so many sequels doomed to failure, Jaws – Vengeancein 1987was voted the worst of all.

With Michael Caine It is gay lorrainethe film is directed by Joseph Sargent and, unlike the 75 film, “it doesn’t make sense, there’s no tension”. Another point that was criticized were its special effects, which were dated from the day of its release. The consensus is that Jaws – Vengeance it’s just a chapter of regrets in the story of a successful film.

The Last Days of American Crime (2020)

For some, the great crime of The Last Days of American Crime he was “punishment”. That’s because the film seems to fail to deliver a good story, characters, and even the violence it seems to promise.

In the film, we follow a bank robber who participates in a plan to commit the last big robbery before the government activates a mental signal that will end all criminal activity. What could be the perfect plot for another chapter of A crime nightactually turned into a bland movie with Edgar Ramirez It is Michael Pitt.

The Rogues (2003)

With just 21% audience approval It is 0% expert review, The Rascals it’s a movie 2003 that follow Lime It is lenny, two 20-year-old orphans who want to conquer, without the slightest effort, money, cars and women. the direction of Gary Preisler aimed at “American dream”but it turned out to be a weak and, for some, offensive comedy.

Genius Babies 2: Super Babies (2004)

Between the 90’s It is 2000, a constant among comedy films was the plot of talking babies. This was due to the success of Look who is talkingfilm by 1989. In Genius Babies 2: Super Babies, we have nothing very different from that. Here, the leader of the genius babies, Kahumafights a powerful and dangerous media boss who intends to launch a satellite to control the minds of humans.

The critical consensus buried the talking baby genre by making it clear that “Bad jokes are still bad when told by babies”.

Pinocchio (2002)

The history of Pinocchio It has been adapted several times for film. From the disney until Guillermo del Toro, we know the whole story of the wooden boy. However, in 2002, Roberto Benigni tried to innovate the feature with his special touch of Life is Beautiful. The only problem is that your rereading didn’t work out.

Starring Benigni himself, the film has been described as not funny, badly done and even, “bizarre”. In 2019the actor and director participated in another project about the character, but this time he stayed in the role of gepetto.

Gotti: In the Shadow of my Father (2018)

Gotti it’s the kind of production that everyone wants to forget about. starring john travoltathe film tells the story of a mafia boss, john gottiwho became the leader of organized crime in New York. Gotti’s true story has already received several adaptations, but only that of 2018 was able to become one of the worst movies of all time.

The reason for this, in addition to the “canastrona” by Travolta, relied on the fact that the script was a mess, with meaningless time jumps, narration to try to tie the story together and scenes taken from the news.

A Thousand Words (2012)

There was a time when Eddie Murphy was one of the most prominent names in the comedy business. Over the years, the actor’s talent was lost and, in 2012Murphy found something of a rock bottom with The thousand words.

With dated jokes and a completely mute comedian for most of the film, The thousand words even conquered the public, with 46% approvalbut was ranked 0 when it was discussed in the specialized media.

in it we follow jack, a trickster who discovers a tree in his garden. With each word spoken by him, a leaf falls from the tree. When the thousandth leaf falls, he will die. Now, Jack must mince words to survive.

The Apocalypse (2014)

And of course Nicolas Cage would not fail to appear on this list. In The apocalypse, we follow the classic plot of the end of the world in which millions of people disappear without a trace. But this time, we have Cage in the cast, promising to make the story more “interesting”.

But even that failed to draw attention. The film was described as hilarious when it came to its special effects and laughable when it came to it. “character arc”. Apparently, The apocalypse it may draw involuntary laughs from your viewer, but that’s about it.

One Missed Call (2008)

A missed call is one more of Hollywood’s undertakings in the world of remakes japanese. Based on the film directed by Takashi Miikethe American version follows several people who, after receiving terrifying messages on their cell phones, are mysteriously killed.

As well as several others remakesthe film fails to try to reproduce the same sinister atmosphere of the original and only delivers a production with simple scares and unattractive characters.

Double Explosive (2002)

even before brad pitt It is Angelina Jolie try to kill themselves Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005, Antonio Banderas It is Lucy Liu “fall in the punch” in double explosive. Here, after the death of his wife, Jeremiah Ecks he has to work alongside an agent he hates to hunt down a dangerous kidnapper.

double explosive tops the list of worst movies of all time and the reason for that is because it doesn’t have “an ounce of coherence, style or originality”. However, we have to cheer and praise the feature for bringing together two of Hollywood’s most popular foreign actors in the same film.

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