AuronPlay “blames” itself for the Twitch situation and the layoffs: “they have paid a lot of money”

After some time away, AuronPlay returned to Twitch setting a new platform record with over 15 million viewers, proving that he remains among the most popular streamers.

Although he is back, he streamer He confirmed that the Tortillaland event will not be held this year and that it will be delayed until 2024, as he ensures that the project needs to take a reasonable break to return with more power.

However, for this year it will maintain other projects, corroborating for example that this September there will be Minecraft Extreme 2. And also it does not rule out that Saw Minecraft Games 2 will also be held depending on how the coming months develop.

Twitch’s controversial layoffs

Recently the alarm went off on Twitch when it was notified the massive dismissal of 400 platform employees who are part of the 9,000 layoffs made by Amazon due to the difficult global economic situation.

Although many details on the matter are not specified, AuronPlay has spoken on one of his live broadcasts on the subject and, half jokingly and half seriously, part of the “blame” is attributed to the current situation of Twitch due to the fact that the platform has provided a lot of money to both the streamer and other professional colleagues.


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“Twitch has released a lot of dough to some creators, including me. So I think they have not finished coming out the accounts at the end of the year. That is what I think has happened.

They have released a lot of dough. But a lot of dough. But a lot of dough. And I think that at the end of the year, when they have done the math, they have said ‘damn you, this doesn’t work out'”the streamer commented on the controversial layoffs from Twitch.

what do you think AuronPlay’s statements about the reasons for the mass layoffs from Twitch? Tell us your impressions in our comments section.

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