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Did you miss the map of bind? If you are nostalgic, surely yes, so we bring you good news related to its future. bind It is one of the most characteristic maps of the shooter due to various peculiarities such as teleportation. However, and despite being liked by a large part of the community, it was put aside in January with the entry of Lotus. Three months later, from Riot Games have ensured that this famous stage will return to the competitive rotation starting April 25 with Patch 6.08. Notably bind It will have important changes that have already been made public.

ValueLeaks confirmed a few weeks ago in his account Twitter that the return of bind to VALORANT It would have modifications, something that has ended up being fulfilled. Possibly the biggest update is related to teleportation, the most differential tool in this scenario. This machine will be located at the entrance to the bathrooms, which will allow the players who use it not to be so exposed when leaving it. In addition, it allows users to arrive earlier at the if you from A after using it. As they show in Twitterthe old entrance to this machine is completely boarded up and useless.

bind will bring important changes on his return to VALORANT

He If you of A is the great “loser” of all these changes. The bathroom corner will be narrower, while the door to the A pump will be wider to avoid bottlenecks that make it difficult for attackers to enter. The walls below the sky also change, eliminating that blind spot that was very difficult to clean coming from the rotation. Besides, own boxes If you of TO they will be in a different way so that, when jumping, the players have some visibility of what surrounds them. The latter will also allow new interactions with the utility.

There will only be a change in the If you of B with the return of bind. The entrance door to the point from the defensive side will be, like the bathroom door, wider to avoid possible blockages. Nevertheless, great attention falls on the duct overlooking the if youa hole that will be very useful for the abilities of some characters.

For all this we will have to wait until the next patch of VALORANT scheduled for April 25but the most nostalgic already count the days on their calendar.

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