Bootcraft Club, a computer academy based on video games

bootcraft club is an initiative created by two Venezuelans who seek to transform video games into allies of learning and early childhood education.

Alejandra Reyes and Esteban Samuel were in charge of developing this digital project that was born from the concern that families have for the time that children spend on video games.

“Parents tend to believe that they are a waste of time and that their children are losing social skills,” explains Alejandra, a specialist in gamification and a psychology student at the Yacambú University, in Lara state, which offers distance learning.

With her studies in the design and development of educational experiences for children and adults, Alejandra worked with Esteban, who is a systems engineer, to discover “how to transform playtime into key skills for the future.”

Bootcraft Club’s main tool is one of best selling video game in history: Minecraft. This cross-platform game is based on designing, building, destroying and modifying your own universe through building blocks.

Alejandra explains that Bootcraf uses a specific version, developed by Microsoft, called Minecraft Education and that it has special tools to educate; as a code creator that allows programming in visual language or by blocks.

Through algorithms, data and artificial intelligence, children between the ages of 8 and 14 will be able to learn to solve complex problems, to collaborate with other people in virtual worlds and will convert hours of play into knowledge about engineering, science, mathematics and design.

“Bootcraft seeks that children can develop skills for an increasingly technological world so that they can have academic and professional success, since all areas of knowledge are being transformed by technology,” says Alejandra.

How do you join the Bootcraft Club?

To become a member of the Bootcraft Club you can attend their free webinar, available on your Web pageto understand how this experience works and to know the details about the courses they offer.

The initial course, which lasts two months, is called Start programming with Minecraft and its objective is to teach the fundamentals of programming through the creation of projects in said video game.

Subsequently, they can be part of the Bootcraft club through a monthly subscription “with which they will be able to continue developing computational thinking, since learning to solve problems through technology requires practice that cannot be underestimated,” says Alejandra.

According to the creator: “The children who have participated in our experiences feel highly motivated and committed, and this has generated great satisfaction and surprise in the parents.”

Bootcraft has been available since February 2023 and promises those interested that hours of gaming will provide new skills that can be used in the academic and work fields.

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