Check how gamer you are with this game

If you consider yourself a gamer who has played a lot of games, here is your daily puzzle in which you must show your wisdom. Find out the details here.

Do you think you are a fan of video games and do you feel that the word “gamer” identifies you? Then you must try this puzzle where through images and screenshots of a huge variety of video games, you must guess the name of the game in question. Let’s see in detail what GuessTheGame is about.

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Since the release of the Wordle, the famous puzzle to guess a daily word, there has been no shortage of creations with which you can have fun every day trying to discover a movie, a League of Legends champion or, in this case, a video game.

How does GuessTheGame, the gamer puzzle, work?

gamer game GuessTheGame

Every day a new game is selected and 6 screenshots of it are presented (some from the game, some from the UI, some from scenes, etc.). With each capture you have a chance to write the name of a game trying to guess it, however, each time you make a mistake or hit the “skip” button, a new image will be released with additional information such as the Metacritic score. , the year of release, the original platform, the genre and if you haven’t figured it out with that data, it also lets you know who developed it.

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If you consider yourself a true gamer, don’t wait any longer and go to the game’s website to measure your wisdom. Also, if you couldn’t play one day because you missed it or you had other things to do, no problem, you can try to guess the previous days.


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