Ibai, Rubius, AuronPlay, Xokas, Illojuan… will they abandon Twich to switch to Kick?

It is already known that in the leisure and entertainment industry there is no compassion. Let them tell the renewed E3, which has given in due to the lack of support from publishers (and the consolidation of the Summer Game Fest by Geoff Keighley). Will the same happen to Twitch?

It’s hard, because Twitch is the great streaming platform for content creators. Since Amazon bought Twitch in 2014, big streamers have flocked to it.

However, Twitch cannot rest on its laurels. The latest news around the platform is not positive: worker layoffs, tougher policies, new monetization approach…


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This could cause many content creators to leave Twitch in the medium to long term. And your destiny could be Kick, a new platform that is already standing out in the US and Canada.

If you don’t know Kick, in this report you can read all the information possible about this new streaming platform, which aspires to surpass Twitch.

Is Kick a real alternative?

Short answer: not yet. However, in reality Kick is already a renowned platform in Anglo-Saxon countries, especially in the United States. In the last weeks have seduced streamers like Hikaru (with the admiration of xQc).

In the US it is rumored that Kick could sign streamers like Amouranth, Kai Cenat, Asmongold or Dr. Disrespectwhich would be a blow to Twitch.

In Spain (and other Spanish-speaking countries) it is still early to talk about Kick. However, Auronplay and ElRubius have already spoken about the new streaming platform.

In the case of Auronplay, it is exclusively an action on Twitter. According to one bot account, Auron started following Kick yesterdaywithout further apparent news.

Rubius’s case is different. The young streamer has talked about Kick in a new stream, while he is playing Counter-Strike. He assures that they are doing things well, but quite a bit behind Twitch.

A while ago, streamers went to Facebook because they were paying crazy money, not for anything else. Now they offer 95% income for you, but that is not sustainable and in the long run it will change that percentage” Rubius says of Kick.

Come on, everything will depend on the contracts that Kick offers to the big streamers, and above all on whether it is capable of maintaining the promise of 95-5 (something practically impossible).

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Rubius jokes about a possible march to Kick: ”Unless they give me an emerald knife in Counter-Strike, I’m not leaving”. Remember that Valve has already announced Counter-Strike 2 for this summer.

Will Ibai, Auronplay, Rubius or El Xokas leave? twitch to Kick? For now it is unlikely, although in this world of streaming you never know. Surely the passage of time will clear up all the doubts we may have about it.

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