LoL: Infinite mana? A bug causes you to have more mana in the blink of an eye

The bugs they are part of all games, both offline and online. However, when there are certain glitches that players can find, the developers are in real trouble as they can completely unbalance the game. This happened in League of Legendsand a few days ago, a bug was discovered as a result of trying to solve another previous bug.

To put you in context, and that you know the situation of the matter, this is what it said in the 13.6 patch notes: “Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the function Undo in the shop would reduce the total mana if there were cookies in the player’s inventory“. This error has been corrected, but not everything has served to calm the waters, quite the contrary, since it it has created an even bigger problem that Riot will have to fix as soon as possible.

Infinite mana in League of Legends?

As we can see in the video, the trick is quite simple. Repeatedly sell and destroy the cookies you have in the Inspiration branch in the runes and it looks like the mana bar is charging without having to do anything else. We have seen this video at the hands of Vandril, one of the experts in this field and who reports countless bugs throughout the weeks, whether it is from the day to day of the game or even in the competitive one.

This bug would benefit champions like Ryze, where his mana seems key to scaling and dealing damage late in the game. Yes indeed, we strongly remind you not to use themsince if you are caught and reported, your account will be banned, since you are taking advantage of a trick of this style to gain an advantage with which to win the game or climb early on Summoner’s Rift.

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