LoL – MSI London 2023: Dates, format, venue, calendar, results and where to watch the competition

As happens every year, after the end of the spring season of the main leagues of League of Legends, the MSI arrives, the great first international tournament that measures the teams that try to win glory. The action returns to Europe and it will be the United Kingdom that hosts this event that awaits us with great emotion.

Throughout the article, we review the teams classified for this event, the groups, start and end dates of the competition and Other data of interest for all fans of competitive League of Legends.

MSI Qualified Teams

13 teams

  • 2 from LCK (they go directly to the draw phase)
  • 2 of LPL
  • 2 of LEC: G2 Esports
  • LCS 2: Cloud9
  • 1 of ALL
  • 1 of CBLOL
  • 1 of PCS
  • 1 of SCV
  • 1 of L.J.L.

competition format

This year the rules of the game have changed, and in addition to the arrival of more teams, he also arrives looser bracket. This was something that had been requested for a long time in League of Legends and Riot takes advantage of the MSI to carry out this type of testing and implement them in other company competitions.

  • Opening phase: Eight teams will fight for the copper to go to this second phase of the tournament. These will be divided into two groups of four and will face each other following a best-of-three double-elimination format. The first classified in each group will go directly to the second phase, while the other will have to fight the best of three and double elimination to achieve the last remaining place.
  • Bracket Stage: the three teams that survive the opening phase will face the champions of the major leagues plus the second seed of the LCK

the LCK, region winner of the last World Cup title, has an extra prize, and his second team you will not have to go through this initial phase and they will go directly to the final phase of the event


At the moment, we do not know the schedules of the matches, but what we can tell you, looking at the Riot ticket sales page, is that the day will begin between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time depending on match load. The final, which will be one of the main focuses of attention, will start at 1:00 p.m. The event will be held from Tuesday 2 to Sunday 21 May.

Venue and where to buy tickets for the MSI

London will once again host an international League of Legends event just as it did at the Worlds years ago. In that edition, Origen and Fnatic reached the semifinals with many dreams and illusions in that year. Despite this, the South Korean teams gave a reality check and beat both European teams almost without breaking a sweat.

As far as the venue is concerned, the event will be held at the Copper Box, sports complex built for the Olympic and Paralympic Games that were held in 2012. This is located in the Olympic Park, which is in the part of the Hackney municipality in London and can reach a maximum capacity for 7,500 people.

To buy tickets, you can already do it from their websiteand prices are around from 24 pounds to 45 in group matches (27-51 euros). In the final phase, all the tickets have already been sold, but it is possible that some will remain loose or they will take out some more for the last days, so keep an eye on the page to see if there is any luck.

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