LoL: Wizards dominate the bot lane in patch 13.6

Karthus, Seraphine, and Veigar are the best pick for the bot lane currently, having the highest win rate online.

League of Legends Season 13 has had a very changing meta, with various champions taking over lanes where you don’t usually see them. An example of this is the case of mages who became the strongest pick for the bot lane by dominating the bot lane in the patch 13.6.

With the arrival of the new items for mages this season, several champions of this role regained their power. Rods of the Ages and the renewed Seraphine’s Embrace they became key objects, thanks to the fact that they help to scale them. However, some moved out of the mid lane where they were commonly seen, to carve out a gap in the bot lane.

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Mages took over the bot lane in the patch 13.6 being at the top of the tierlist currently. seraphine, karthus, Veigar and ziggs They rank as the top four build picks with the highest win rates in the game in the bot lane among players above platinum.

ziggs is in fourth position with a win rate of 51.94%, while Veigar and karthus They are third and second respectively. At the top of the list is seraphine who has a win rate of 54.07%, currently being the best champion for the botlane.

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seraphine, karthus and ziggs use Liandrys’s Anguish as a mythical object, while Veigar opt for the Rods of the Ages. However, except for the Song of Death, everyone arms the Serafine’s Embrace as second item. The mages in the bot lane have very good wave clearing, so they can go harvesting gold for their scaling.

It’s not the first time mages have controlled the bot lane, ziggs for example, it was widely used by professional players in competitive competition last season. For the next patch of League of Legends There will be nerfs to the Rod of Ages so we could see several of these picks move away from the bot lane.

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