Manute is the new owner and director of Guasones

Manute new owner and director of Guasones

The counter has come to an end, Manute has already revealed what his new project is about. Through a video very funny and interesting Manute announced his union with Guasones Teamentering as new owner and team manager. The content creator takes a big step in his career within the esports sector and bets on Jokers as his new home. This way, manute joins the board of directors of the club founded by the soccer player Rubén García.

After so much time being under a blanket, Manute’s future is revealed. The master of the Mordekaiser and the TFT begins a new adventure in his life, becoming part of Jokers. In the past, manute He commented multiple times his interest in being part of an esports club in a department more active in sports than in content creation. That is why after so many months we already know his decision, manute bet to be the new director of Jokers, also becoming co-owner of the Navarrese club.

Manute, the new member of the Jokers family

With ruben garcia like the joker and manute like Bane, the video released by Jokers makes this new alliance known. manute not only return to League of Legends, but it further enhances their projects in the MOBA from Riot Games. As Jokers confirms in your statement, Manute arrives as the new director of Jokers finding a new place to develop his projects. Besides, manute he already took advantage of his first messages as director of Jokers and gave a glimpse of nearby targets.

«Lots of surprises coming. LoL, VALORANT, TFT and LATAM superteam on the radar. I want you all on my boat» were the words of Manute that accompanied his presentation video. The content creator turned esports director seems ready to raise the Jokers project even higher. Let’s remember that the Navarrese team is in the super league of Lolcompeting in FIFA23, nba2k and further. For the moment, it seems that we must wait a bit to find out the news, although it seems that the changes in the League of Legends squad are just around the corner, keep an eye on the networks of Manute, Jokers and our portal of news about lol.

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