Nemesis gets fed up with the state of wizards and the Navori

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The current state of League of Legends is something that worries some players, especially in high rating. The changes to Navori’s Swiftblade added to the improvements to the AD Carries that take advantage of this item have caused a lot of frustration among players. This has been given especially, in those midlaners who like to use control wizards.

On this topic Tim Lipovšek spoke «nemesis«. Although the streamer from Gen.G has been complaining about the state of these magicians for a long time, one of his last games ended up completely breaking his mind. What Nemesis doesn’t understand is why. characters like marksmen can be constantly using skills while mageswhich should use their spells faster, they have to wait and be practically useless at all times.

Nemesis explodes by the state of the magicians and the Navori

The first thing that stood out midlaner it’s that Riot Games throws out a lot of messages about what players should do to make mages useful. This is something that has bothered Nemesis quite a bit, who ask Riot to stop sending these types of comments. «All classes can stack 100 skill speed and just have to cast skills constantly, they kill their enemies and it’s game over“, highlights Nemesis.

After that it was time to talk about Navori’s Swiftblade, item that from Riot already nerfed but which continues to be criticized. «It’s a fucking joke. How much fun was the game when no one bought Navori. Now all ADCs buy this item and it looks like they are in URF. I don’t enter the game to play URF in a ranked. It’s pathetic“, the player finished.

For now, Navori’s Swiftblade will remain in the same state, at least for the entire duration of the patch 13.7. We will see if Riot Games decide to apply any adjustment before the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 (MSI 2023) or, on the contrary, everything remains as before.

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