Peek Gaming wins the League of Legends Honor Division and gets its ticket for the North Regional League

From playing promotion/relegation the year before to winning the 2023 Opening Honor Division and qualifying for the Northern Regional League. That is the story of Peek Gaming, which yesterday was crowned champion of the League of Legends Honor Division organized by LVP after beating Zylant Esports (3-2) in a final that exceeded 3,000 spectators.

Peek Gaming not only becomes the new Mexican League of Legends champion, it also obtains its place in the Northern Regional League, the new competition organized by LVP with the support of Riot Games and which will bring together the best teams from the northern region of Latin America. If Peek Gaming meets the requirements demanded by the organization, it will be one of the first ten confirmed teams in the Northern Regional League.

“In 2023 we are experiencing the fourth year of the Division of Honor, an already consolidated competition in the League of Legends scene that continues to grow more and more. This season featured renewed teams that gave us one of the closest seasons in the championship, until the crowning glory of Peek Gaming. The Regional Leagues hold an even more promising future for the Latin American League of Legends”, explains Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP.

The Mexican squad is champion in 5 major games

Zylant started the final strong from beginning to end, generating pressure in all lanes. Ángel “Slayer Supreme” Saens Aguilar was a key player for the squad, making plays that gave his teammates the advantage. In this way, they managed to gain a lead of over 10k gold that Peek’s team could not break down, resulting in the first win in the series for the dragons.

In the second game Peek Gaming bet champions that would allow them to win in the late game, while Zylant looked to slow them down with aggressive characters in their lanes. Everything was going according to the plan of the dragons, Nicolas “Nobody” Ale did what he wanted from beginning to end, with a quadruple murder included. Tower after tower fell and although Peek was on the ropes, they surprised his rival by breaking the enemy nexus with a surprise move that gave them victory.

The third game became the tiebreaker game. Once again Peek Gaming opted for scaling in the mid lane. “Icytower” with Aurelion Sol managed to give his team the advantage by rotating and getting kills. Zylant’s efforts were not enough to stop the drive and the presence in all lanes of José Sergio “Feng” Ricaldy who after 26 minutes was key in Peek’s victory.

Between a rock and a hard place, Zylant Esports did not want to give up and was looking to take the series to game five, while Peek Gaming once again bet on winning in the late game to put the last nail in the coffin of the dragons. The game started quite chaotic but Zylant’s team came up with better and cleaner plays. The historic Argentine shooter, Matias “Whitelotus” Musso took it personally and with an unstoppable Zeri, he was perfectly positioned to lead the team fights and thus give his team victory

The last game of the series, Peek Gaming and Zylant Esports gave it their all to take the championship, the game was even in the first minutes, but “Feng” once again put pressure on the entire map by supporting his laners and taking out the objectives in a way early, despite all odds and after a great series Peek Gaming managed to close the fifth game forcefully, thus becoming the great champion of the 2023 Opening of the Division of Honor. After this victory, Peek Gaming consecrates the dream story where it went from fighting for promotion/relegation in 2022 to be crowned in the Division of Honor. Adding that, as if that were not enough, “Icytower” closed a cycle in the competitive Mexican by being champion of the first #DDHLOL in 2019 and being crowned in 2023 and, incidentally, becoming the MVP of this grand final.

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