Players start boycotting Pokémon GO for its new measures

The changes to Remote Raids have angered the community so much that a strike against Pokémon GO has been launched.

As we reported recently, the community is very angry with the restrictions that Niantic has announced for Pokémon GO. The company is going to raise the price of Remote Raid passes and limit the number of Raids in which to participate, along with other changes that you can see here. The anger of the community has been such that they have decided to organize a strike against Pokémon GO.

In it subreddit of Pokémon GOthe user Moumantai He is the one who launched the initiative. His proposal is that, from the 6 of April, don’t buy anything in the in-game store for a week, no more raids in person than usual and spread the initiative. Although its initial premise is that everyone who is willing to uninstall the game that same day.

pokemon go strike

It is time for us as a community to show Niantic that our willingness to accept change is clearly for the worse. has its limits.

We are all aware of predatory monetization schemes What’s in the in-game store with overpriced boxes and items? Many of us choose to ignore this, and corporate greed has increased in response.

Thus, Niantic has decided increase the price of the Remote Raid Pass Without notice. This is going to be a change that affects us all, especially rural players.

In case this change goes ahead, if you want a better future for the gamewe have to do something.

The proposal has been filled with responses and users who say they will go on strike in Pokémon GO, while others directly claim to have uninstalled the game after Niantic’s statement.

Will the company take note of this reaction? Will you be part of this movement that has just emerged? We will remain attentive to the next few days to see what happens finally with the new game restrictions.

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