Pokémon Go players outraged Niantic for nerfing and price hikes for remote raid passes

Niantic just announced some changes to a particular item with the intention of decreasing its usefulness and increasing the social factor of the game. This is the remote raid pass, an object that appeared in a pandemic and allowed players to participate in raids from the safety of their homes. The change is meant to lessen its impact on the game, and as soon as players heard about it, they began to express their support. discontent on Twitter, setting a trend and making it clear that they did not like the measure at all.

To lessen the impact of Remote Raid Passes, Niantic decided to raise the value of individual passes to 195 pokécoins and the pack of three passes at 525. Additionally, usage was limited to five remote raids per day, inventory was limited to just three remote passes, and to top it off, players who participate in raids remotely will earn less ++ Candies than offline players.

These changes angered many of the Pokémon Go users, who trended Niantic on Twitter, but to show their discontent with the changes. While the Covid-19 pandemic has receded and it’s safe to hit the streets, players argue that Remote Raid Passes retained their utility for specific cases, such as those living in rural areas or in locations without sufficient community for raidseither players with reduced mobility that allowed them to participate more easily.

The feature update for the Remote Raid Pass will be released on April 6th, after which they will be deprecated in the mobile game. Pokémon Go fans await the nerf of the item, claiming that Niantic is just looking to get more easy money, and They have no interest or concern towards their players.

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