Project L, the League of Legends fighting game offers new details

A fighting game of League of Legends It’s something that many have been dreaming of almost since Riot Games’ popular MOBA was released. The American company wants to reach a new genre and is taking its time so that Project L do it in the best possible way.

Announced a while ago, this game in development hasn’t shown much detail beyond a small presentation and a few dev diaries. Project L is still far from its launch and despite the fact that it will offer more news in 2023, it is time to be patient.

What do we expect from this fighting game with Jinx, Ahri and a lot of champions more of League of Legends? Well, if you are eager to find out more, know that a closed-door look for professional players has given us more details.

GamerBee, professional fighting game player like Ultra Street Fighter IV revealed this: I was invited to attend the Project L event organized by Riot in Japan. Recording was not allowed, but they say we can share what we hear afterwards.

What was heard? Well, the truth is that really interesting aspects that we leave you here. First, it was reconfirmed that Project L will be free to playfollowing the free model of LoL and raised as game as a service that will not have sequels.

Important news for Project L: League of Legends made fighting game

Regarding the gameplay, one of the most important aspects, Project L will focus on a 3 button system: light, medium, heavy (like Street Fighter) with which you can make combinations of all kinds.

It also showed what appears to be a new defense mechanic, the “Retreating Guard”, which cancels knockback while defending. It was said that there are many defensive mechanics that have not been shown yet.

Regarding abilities of each character (something like what we have in League of Legends) it has been made clear that there will be no cooldowns, but that we will have references to this system from the MOBA.

And as for rules of combat, Riot Games He mentioned that both characters have to be eliminated to win and that each matchup will have at least 2 rounds. As an additional element, it was specified that professional players will not be prohibited from playing other fighting games.

What do you think? Of course, the style of Project L It has made him stand out, but it seems that in terms of gameplay he will also have many things to say. Remember that if you like the LoL universe, The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story already has a release date.

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