The astronomical amount of money ropz would have earned in 2022

A user of Reddit has shared a public report from the Estonian Information System and Records Center (RICK) in which the money that Robin would have earned is dead «ropz» Kool in 2022. This report does not exactly detail the figures, since it is very difficult to separate what was earned in salary, prizes and sale of stickers of the two Majors last year. However, and with all the important details that the user has explained Antichraldoyou can know the money that the Estonian would have earned during a 2022 in which FaZe was the best team in the world.

The RIK report indicates that ropz received a total revenue of 40,673 euros within the European Union, an amount that would be related to his time at MOUZ. However, the important figure comes from outside our continent, since FaZe, the team he signed for in January, is based in the United States. Ropz would have earned another 750,504 euros during the past year. This money would come from the salary, prizes won and the stickers sold in the Major won in Belgium, a fundamental income for all organizations with a presence in CS:GO. During the past year FaZe won tournaments as big as Katowice, ESL Pro League 15, Major Antwerp and IEM Cologneso everything fits.

Ropz earned almost 800,000 euros in 2022

At first it is a scary amount, but it could be even higher. As the user himself has indicated, something more should be added to this figure, since the money earned in the final months of 2022 may not be included. Events as important as the Major of Rio or the BLAST Premier World would be left out of this financial report. In addition, the money from the sale of stickers from the Major played in Brazil is a figure to be found. Counting that money or not, what is clear is that ropz is not going to have financial problems for a long time.

2023 for FaZe didn’t start as well as last year, but it has soon been fixed. The North American organization has conquered the last ESL Pro League 17 to ensure the famous Intel Grand Slaman award that gives you $1,000,000 for having won four major tournaments in a period of ten played. For this very reason, ropz himself rises to Top 17 of players who have won the most money in tournaments CS:GO according to esportsearnings. It should be noted that this page does not count different relevant factors and the figures are not as exact as they report.

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