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The “mini competition» Intern between Europe and North America has spent time in the community and takes all kinds of details into account to add to the scoreboard. While the Europeans were almost always ahead on this imaginary score, in recent times the lead has widened considerably and not only in the clashes against each other within Summoner’s Rift, but also in other statistics such as numbers. of viewers.

On this occasion and as shared by the specialized site Esports Charts, the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) doubles in numbers of average viewers at the League Championship Series (LCS) of North America. last week the LCS played the first week of Playoffs and, from the beginning of divided spring until last Sunday, the North American tournament of Lol registers an average of 103 thousand viewers. The number reflects a pretty good average turnout, however It is far from the 208,590 average viewers who has been having the LEC, with the difference that the European event will only play the first day of the Group Phase next week.

But average viewers is just one of the stats where LEC wins and more than LCS, We’ll go over some other related categories below.

The dominance of the LEC over the LCS translated into numbers

In addition to sweeping the average number of viewers, the LEC he also becomes master and lord of the peak of spectators. The match between fnatic and koi on March 20, where the historic organization of Rekkles and company were left with a great triumph registered the highest peak of spectators of the split. More than 350 thousand unique users (350,834) connected to witness a new triumph of fnatic and, although the figure is quite far from the numbers reached in the Heretics – KOI of the divided of winter (475,123), is a figure that almost doubles the best record of the LCS.

On the other side of the ocean, the first game of Playoffs between FlyQuest and 100Thieves took all the lights, more than 180 thousand spectators (182,263) said they were present in a series where FlyQuest he dominated from start to finish and ended up taking a crushing 3-0 victory.

Finally, two statistics that come hand in hand, which currently leads the LCS, But not for much longer. We talk about the ‘Hours Viewed‘ and the ‘live weather‘, despite how advanced the North American contest is, the LCS with 12.6 million hours viewed and 122 hours live, it hardly exceeds the statistics of a LEC which is just about to start its second instance with 11.1 million hours viewed and only 53 hours of transmission.

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