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Riot Games has already presented us with the League of Legends patch 13.7 preview notes (Lol). Little by little we approached the version of the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 (MSI 2023) and from the developer they are already preparing the metagame of the international competition. The next update aims to bring more than interesting changes, although there is one that has been specially called the attention of the entire gaming community.

As many warn, the biggest change in LoL patch 13.7 is related to Serious Wounds. with the new antiheal, champions will be able to apply this debuff even on those champions that are protected by some kind of shield. Of course, this will make several characters, especially AD, prioritize the lethal reminder above the lord’s memories Dominic.

LoL Patch 13.7 Grievous Wound Changes Are Exciting

Until now, those characters who received some kind of shield or protection could take advantage of their items life theft for recover before serious wounds were applied as such. Of course, this interaction was capable of turning any fight upside down, since it simply an AD Carry was able to recover his full health bar and continue the fight without any problem. However, with LoL patch 13.7, Grievous Wounds will no longer work like this.

Why didn’t they apply these kinds of changes earlier? That is the question that many ask themselves. Well, to date it was not something very necessary. The champions hardly took advantage of the items or runes of healing, so something like that didn’t seem necessary. However, overheal and the bloodthirsty they’ve gone fully meta, so pretty much every champion was taking advantage of them. Seeing this, at Riot Games they have made the decision to turn the tide in the direction of serious injuries.

This change will also put an end to the appearance of a character in the top lane that has annoyed many players: Warwick with the summoner spell ‘Barrier’. Despite applying this spell, the character will still receive serious injuries, so it will no longer be as useful as before. If we add to this the AD Carry and support, more than interesting changes are coming in the game.

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