The “off-meta” jungler who is hitting it off in Challenger


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He Only Q of the high rating it’s practically another game in League of Legendsthere the best players of their respective servers use champions that are totally outside the competitive meta (off-goal) and obtain surprising results. On this occasion we bring you the detail that in recent days a champion that we have not seen for a long time in the great competitive leagues of LoL, is killing it not only in his usual role, which is the jungle, but also in his position. “secondary”: the top lane.

We talk about Rengar, this feline killer is taking time out of the selection phases in the big tournaments it organizes Riot, however in the Only Q of challenger the story is totally different. According to data collected by the statistical site, the numbers of rengar both top lane and jungle are on fire. In as regards the toplanethis champion although it is not very common to see it (just 1.3% pick rate) is shipped with a winrate of 56.74%. With the Divine Severer, the ionian boots and the Dead Man’s Plaque like objects core and Conqueror as main rune, rengar He hits it in the top lane.

However in the jungle, the stat incredibly improves. in this role “usual” he pick rate of rengar it scales to 4%, while the winrate drops to just 55.33%. While the main rune remains Conqueror, there is an important change in the build, since being jungle rengar you benefit most from using Draktharr’s Twilight Bladethe ionian boots and the Essence Reaver.

Will Rengar get to say present at the MSI?

Late yesterday the rioters unveiled the details and adjustments that some champions will receive for Patch 13.7 of LoL, this new update that will arrive in the next few days points to a meta change in the jungle with important nerfs to Sejuani, Wukong and Read without among others, however in this list rengar does not appear, not even to receive a buff, nor to suffer a nerf. But far from being ruled out, the very Phroxson posted that LoL is two patches away from Mid-Season Invitational (M: YES), It will be rengar is in the papers for rioters to make an incredible resurgence during the pre-patch M: YES?

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