The reworked champion that generates nostalgia in several players

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Over the years, Riot Games has updated multiple characters on its roster. It’s normal, since they stay off the hook with respect to the rest of the champions, especially considering that some of them came out in 2009. Of course, the vast majority of the changes are well received by the community. But it is true that sometimes we look back and remember some champions with a certain nostalgia.

One of the characters that people remember with great affection is serious. Hours ago, a user opened a post in it subreddit from League of Legends talking about the original version of this champion. It was in 2015 when this great update was released. But until then, skills like her [Q] and his [E]as well as their basic attacksallowed him to be a more than viable option in the ADC position.

The old Graves, an ADC that many remember fondly

«The old Graves was much more fun to play«. With that title, this user has reminded us of a unique champion at that time. His [E] was a skill that allowed the champion to shine. With this ability, Graves would glide in the chosen direction and gained attack speed. Apart from all this, the champion could also launch auto attacks at all times without having to reload.

This possibility of attacking with his basics permanently without reloading led him to be a pick star in bot lane. Finally we have to talk about your [Q], ability that was not like now. Previously, this ability cast three divided pelletswhich allowed him farm waves without any problem. For many he was one of the most fun champions at the time, especially because he combined mechanics of a traditional ADC with the mobility he had, for example, Lucian.

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