Valorant Challengers: 9z defeated Infinity to be crowned undefeated champion of LAS Split 1

La Violeta from 9z Team closed an exceptional tournament in Valorant Challengers Split 1, where she did not know defeat. More info, here!

oh9z team yelled champion! The purple team shone in the final vs. infinity with a resounding victory for 3 to 0 and stayed with him Split 1 of Valorant Challengers. Thanks to this achievement, 9z got the sum of $20,000 and a total of 100 points for him ranking of Latin America South and will lead the general table until we receive the Split 2 next month.

For her part, the Grand finale took place in the afternoon of Thursday March 30 under a style of best of 5 maps (either Bo5). Before the start of the action, infinity He decided ban the map of Lotuswhile 9z chose to remove Split of the dispute. Talking about picks, Haven and Pearl was chosen by him squad Argentine and Ice box next to Fracture the Chilean/Costa Rican elections, which left Ascent as stage decide.

Either way, the final started in Haven with a solid first half infinitywho led 8-4 before the change of sides. However, a partial 9-1 ended up giving the first point of the day to 9z so that it ends 9-13 in favor of the violet.

Then it was the turn of Ice boxa site that had the initiative to 9z from a start. here were so many David as rubkkoid who took the step forward for the Argentine team by contributing 26 and 19 casualties respectively, with a ADR of 194 from the side of the player born in Chili. In conclusion, 9z managed to prevail by 9-13 and thus direct their route to the top of the Split 1 of Valorant Challengers.

already once 2 to 0 up on the scoreboard, 9z team defined the series after a 13-4 in Pearlwhich meant the first place and a great start to the season 2023 In search of reaching the next level within the competitive plane of Valorant.

As additional information, the squad integrated to rubkkoide, mizu, david, tuli and deigara won way undefeated having played a total of 7 encounters (5 in regular phase and 2 in Playoffs) and just give 2 maps on the way (vs. infinity in the week 2 and in front of All Knights during the week 3). Finally, the action of Valorant Challengers will continue next April 25thdate stipulated for the beginning of the Split 2.

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