Valve screwed up and gave Counter-Strike 2 players an “official” wallhack

Counter-Strike 2 is no longer a dream, nor is it a promise that will arrive in a very long time, it will come this summer and right now there are those who are enjoying its beta. This first closed test will help Valve determine future adjustments to the base game, and the Americans have a very important task to solve: to forever prevent players from using Counter-Strike 2’s own tools to Activate a wallhack “official”.

We know that the wallhacks They are not official in themselves, but the game console allows us to activate a mode that could well pass for an official trick, and that is that detects movement and the location of each player in real time. An exploit that is not alien to the community and is that it already appeared in CS: GO years ago and that, incomprehensibly, inherited CS2.

Several users echoed yesterday a feature that should have disappeared from the game console. If we activated the command console and we included one in particular, the screen was filled with a series of indicators, somewhat overloaded, to keep track of the rest of the players. Its use is super simple, as the user announced last night ohnePixel on Twitter, and if you can differentiate between the enormous amount of information, its misuse is guaranteed.

Of course, Valve has been fast and, according to the user Znorux //, Yesterday afternoon (March 30) this command was disabled from the game console. Even so, the fact that it is not removed, but is part of the command console, has depleted the opinions of some players. Many do not understand why the beta was launched with this option available to everyone. Others, however, argue that the game is not finished and that between now and CS2 is released, the pertinent fixes will be made.

This is one of the problems that Valve has had to face, but not the only one. The community that has not received access to the game is upset and demanding than Newell’s open the door to more playersand it is that the requirements to enter this closed test are very exclusive.

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