Among Us bets on the return of a well-known game mode to try to take flight

It started as a joke and it’s been two years since this game mode has come true.

Among Us bets on the return of a well-known game mode to try to take flight
Among Us has been one of the biggest cases of unexpected success in recent years

Although it has been on the market since last 2018, it was not until 2020 when Among Us became a phenomenon among streamers and youtuberscatapulting the success of this party game of betrayal and murder. During the COVID-19 pandemic it became one of those bedside games for keep in touch with friends and it even had film collaborations, but since the epidemiological situation normalized, the InnerSloth game was little by little falling into oblivion. Now, those responsible for the game are trying to become relevant again by bringing back one of its most popular game modes till the date.

The traditional operation of Among Us is very simple. It is about a spaceship in which each player plays a member of the crew, but one or two of the players will be impostors (depending on the size of the game). The funny thing is that the rest of the players don’t know who the impostors are, so they have to go guessing and making accusations while the others try kill the entire crew. This is the traditional game mode, but there have been many others as rare as “horse mode“.

Among Us celebrates April Fools Day with a new game mode

As we can read through their social networks, Among Us already has the popular “Horse Mode” back on the occasion of the april fools day, which is the equivalent of our April Fool’s Day in Anglo-Saxon culture and is celebrated on April 1. As its name indicates, what this game mode does is replace the classic appearance of the characters and instead of being beans, now they are horses. It will be available until tomorrow, day april 2. “The best part? We’ve added a whole new horse fighting mode also known as hide n seek mode, it will become a surprise for the horses. Be sure to check back around April Fools to see what we have planned,” the official Among Us blog reads.

In addition, this update is accompanied by new cosmetic items such as “hats, dog tags and visors”, which can be yours at a reduced price for a limited time. Although nothing can match that version of Fortnitte with giant characters from Among Us.

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