an Among Us with killer AIs and a Cyberpunk RPG yours forever

UPDATE 7:18 p.m.

Epic Games has included a third game without warning: Divine Knockout. This curious multiplayer fighting game with gods involved that differs from bets like MultiVersus or Smash Bros. by having a 3D map. This means that we will not have the classic arrangement of lateral movement, so we win in epic. You can now get Divine Knockout for free on the Epic Games Store.


Now that the Christmas season is over, we have returned to the routine of Epic Games giving us gifts weekly. Even so, at least for this year, it seems that we have guaranteed free video games. This week, we have with us 3 bets the sea of ​​different: Gamedec, one of the most striking classic cyberpunk RPGs of recent years, and First Class Trouble, a title inspired by Among Us; as well as a brawler with Pixar aesthetic.

Once again, the Epic Games Store brings us two new free games to get this week. As usual, they will be available to add to our library for a week without going to checkout, and you will be able to keep them forever once you do. This is not a free trial!

At Gamedec, you have to embody a peculiar detective. Far from solving real cases, it focuses on games and seeks to unravel the mysteries of crimes committed in the virtual world. The virtual worlds in Gamedec are as real as life itself, and in them you will have to use your ingenuity and your role-playing abilities to reach the correct deductions. You can add it to your library on the Gamedec page of the Epic Games Store.

On the other hand, First Class Trouble brings you to the brink of a space cruiser who has been the victim of an out-of-control artificial intelligence. Counting on social deduction mechanics, some of the participants they will be impostors to which the survivors must discover before falling victim to them while carrying out the tasks necessary to survive. Get First Class Trouble for free on the Epic Games Store.

These games are now available to be yours without going through the checkout. With just an EGS account, you can add them to your library to fill it up with video games that will be yours forever. Remember that this promotion will be valid from today until Next Thursday at 5:00 p.m. hours (peninsular time). Don’t let her pass!

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