Billie Eilish’s New MANSION Is One Of The Most Expensive Homes In The World

By all indications, Billie Eilish has moved out of her nostalgic California estate, where she wrote and recorded much of the music in her career. She is believed to have moved into a house of £1.9 million (almost R$12 million in current conversion) in Los Angeles, formerly owned by X-Factor winner Leona Lewis. Although she has never lived for long periods in the property, the “Bad Guy” singer would have bought the property when she was 17 in 2021.

The young woman explained: “There was a point during the summer when I was having an ‘I need to be an adult’ moment. “Like: ‘I need to have my space and have my own this and my own that.’ I need that in a lot of ways because you need that as you get older, but now I also like having my parents around.” confessed the singer.


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Asked during a conversation on the Conan O’Brien’s Needs A Friend podcast if she feels she still has new battles to face at this stage in her career, Billie Eilish stated: “I’ve been delving into this recently. How do I evolve and what do I do?”.

“I got the kind of things, before I was even 18 – things that people work their whole lives for and maybe never even get.” declared the singer adding: “And I got them all. I’m 21 now and I’m at a point where I’m like, I’ve done it all. What am I going to do now?Where should I go from here? Who do I want to be? ”.


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