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With after partythe players of Fortnite now they can record their best moments on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC and share them on social media.

Find out how the app works and how to share your videos to receive in-game rewards.

The application after party is the ultimate tool that gamers of Fortnite they need to record and share their best moments on the platforms PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and pc. With the app, players can save their videos to their mobile device and share them on their favorite social networks to show off their in-game exploits.

To use the app, players must first download it to their device iOS either Android. Then they need to register at after party with your account Epic Games to be able to record videos in Fortnite.

The recording process is very simple: players simply start Fortnite in its console either pc and hold down the deck’s record button or key to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay. The video will appear in the app library after party after recording is done, and players can cut the video to be as long as they like.

Besides, after each deletion in Fortnitea pop-up message will appear in-game to encourage players to record a video if they are logged into after party with your account Epic Games. However, players can also disable this message in the account settings and fortnite privacy.

after party also offers an additional reward to players who share their first video of Fortnite from the app. By doing so, they will receive the role “Post that!” and the confetti spray after party in Fortnite the next time they come back to the game room.

In conclusion, the application after party is the perfect way to record and share your best moments on Fortniteand receive rewards for doing so.

Record your moments and show them to your friends!

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