From best to worst: see ranking of DCU films

A A.D tells some of the best heroes and stories in comics. After countless iconic comics and successful animations, it was time to follow in Marvel’s footsteps and start your own Shared Universe.

While things haven’t gone as expected over the past decade, under director Zack Snyfer’s leadership, the My Series listed the best and worst DCU movies, according to their respective IMDb ratings.

Check out the list of 14 DC movies below, from best to worst, according to fan ratings.

1 – Zack Synder’s Justice League

After years of rumors and speculation, Zack Synder finally released his full version of Justice League in 2021. The film adopted a different perspective, in 4:3 format, and is four hours long, divided into chapters.

Released exclusively for HBO Max, the movie is Synder’s take on the project, with everything the director intended to do in the DCU before stepping away from production in 2017 due to personal issues. Loved by some, hated by others, Zack Synder’s Justice League has exactly 8 stars on IMDb, and leads the ranking.

2nd – The Batman

Considered by many to be one of, if not, The best adaptation of Batman, The Batman is director Matt Reeves’ “reimagining” of the iconic detective. In the film, Robert Pattinson masterfully embodies the Dark Knight in his second year as Gotham City’s vigilante.

The film adopts a more “down-to-earth” approach, putting Batman behind a serial killer who likes to play with his victims, the Riddler. The feature offers almost three hours of good police suspense, and managed to score 7.8 on IMDb.

3rd – Wonder Woman

Released in 2017, Wonder Woman finally debuted with the solo film of Princess Diana of Themyscira. Interpreted by Gal Gadot, the production directed by Patty Jenkins achieved great action scenes in slow motion, and character’s bad-ass moments.

The biggest complaint, however, was the ending that fell short of expectations. Even so, Wonder Woman figures as One of DC’s best productionswithout a doubt, reaching a score of 7.4 in the aggregator.

4 – The Suicide Squad

After the 2015 Suicide Squad fiasco, Warner decided to make a sequel in soft reboot format. For this, he called the director James Gunnpromoted a roster overhaul, and added new faces to Task Force X.

The result is a very entertaining film, with good time for comedy, cartoonish and amusing characters, as well as a Trash action, full of blood and guts on the ground. The long premiered in 2021 and has a 7.2.

5th – The Man of Steel

For many, Zack Synder’s Man of Steel Is the Definitive DC Film. The feature hit theaters in 2013, as the beginning of the DC Shared Universe. Henry Cavill donned the Kryptonian mantle in a more gray, contemplative, and serious adaptation of the character.

Initially, the reception was lukewarm, but the problems and uncertainties within Warner over the years absolved the film from several initial criticisms. The Man of Steel is a different adaptation of Superman, but it has a lot of value, which is why it has a 7.1.

6th – Shazam!

In an attempt to let go of the darker and more serious universe created by Zack Synder, Warner decided to embrace the fun, colors and fun in a unpretentious adaptation of Shazam.

Played by Zachary Levi and Asher Angel, Billy Batson achieved a certain prominence in the DCU with a fun and light film, without the pretension of being an epic, but a typical Afternoon Session adventure. The film got a score of 7.

7th – Aquaman

A long-awaited project among fans, Aquaman finally got a movie to call his own in 2018. The unusual direction came from a big name in horror cinema, James Wan, who found the ideal balance in Jason Momoa’s Arthur.

Also full of colors and life, Aquaman is a fun experience, well choreographed, and with infectious action scenes. However, the launch did not get as much attention as it deserved, mainly because it came out between the conclusion of Marvel’s 10 years, which certainly overshadowed the adventure under the sea. Even so, the project has a score of 6.8.

8th – Shazam! Gods Fury

Like its predecessor, Shazam! Rage of the Gods seeks to be an unpretentious film, which does not want to take steps bigger than its own leg. However, the silly and non-impact narrative made the public not interested in the feature. While it’s not bad, Shazam! Fury of the Gods has a score of 6.4.

9 – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

After Man of Steel, Zack Synder embarked on an iconic film that pitted DC’s two greatest heroes face to face. Batman v Superman adapts numerous arcs in a single film, and it’s a great watershed among fans.

With a very hectic third act, most of the film ends up not convincing, but the final minutes are, at least, interesting. Filled with superhero morals and a heavy-handed atmosphere, the film introduced Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight, and scores a 6.4.

10th – Black Adam

Shelved for decades, the Adam black movie with The Rock finally got off the ground in 2022, and for many it was better to have continued as just an idea. Full of well-made clichés and a bad plot, the project is not convincing, and it was a big bomb within Warner, earning only a 6.3 note.

11th – Justice League

Justice League is one of those projects that has gone through hellish development. Zack Synder was responsible for the feature, but ended up leaving the project after the death of his daughter. Director Joss Whedon (Avengers) joined as a replacement. Halfway through, Warner Bros itself decided it wanted its slice of the pie too.

The result is a chopped-up film, with parts of each director and different ideas.. Justice League is regarded as one of the worst recent comic book adaptations. Because of this, it has a score of 6.1.

12 – Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn and Her Fantabulous Emancipation

Even though 2015’s Suicide Squad was a fiasco, the character of Harley Quinn gained a lot of notoriety, and a movie featuring the iconic Birds of Prey was released. The plot features Harley Quinn herself, the Huntress, Renee Montoya and Black Canary, who have teamed up to save a girl from a villain in the criminal underworld.

The film is humorous and without explicit violence.but low public demand made it fall into oblivion, and it has a 6 on IMDb.

13th – Suicide Squad

With mind-blowing trailers and a new Joker, this time played by Jared Leto, Suicide Squad had everything to be amazing. Unfortunately, the film had also been shredded by the distributor, and was always one step behind what it really should be. In the end, Suicide Squad was a collective frenzy for well-made trailers that turned into a pile of bad stuff.

At least, the production managed to reveal Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn to the world, placing the character as one of the greatest icons of recent pop culture. The film has a score of 5.9.

14th – Wonder Woman 1984

Finally, Wonder Woman 1984 is the exact cake recipe of what not to do in a sequel. With bad special effects, a nonsensical plot, and extremely underutilized villains, there is absolutely nothing to save in this second film. No wonder it had the worst rating in the DCU, with 5.4 on IMDb.

And you, what did you think of this list based on IMDb? Do you think that any film was wronged by critics or audiences? It is worth remembering that the DC Universe has gained a new direction, and several new films have been announced for the coming years.

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