Man steals Ice Spice’s chain and makes fun of the rapper on social media

A group of men hung a chain and claimed to have stolen Ice Spice. However, fans do not believe.

A man claims he stole the chain from ice spice. she arrived in the rap game with her hit “Munch”, putting her on the map as a formidable contender. She is the latest artist to receive the meteoric rise treatment, increasing visibility with each release. Her first year in the mainstream found Spice posing for the Ivy Park campaign of Beyonce, and the artist hit festival stages around the world. However, with newfound fame also come haters, and a group of men have claimed they stole the star.

A video of a group showing a “Queen” chain on the camera lens has surfaced online. “We have an Ice Spice chain,” said one of the men. “Stop playing with me. You know where we are. He then mocked the way Ice Spice raps, echoing his earlier remark about her going to him to retrieve her jewelry. The video ended with laughs, but did not explain where this alleged theft took place.

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Reactions quickly poured in and, unsurprisingly, the group was criticized. People were confused by men bragging about stealing a chain from a woman. The public was also divided over the validity of the meeting. Some believed it to be true, while others believed the alleged thieves were joking. Even if they were just jokes, men now find themselves on the wrong side of fans of the Ice Spice.

Furthermore, it was observed that ice spice has a signature chain, and the one in the video certainly wasn’t. Spice’s necklace is a version of her face, and once she gets the piece, she wears it everywhere she goes. Her fans did not accept that the “Queen” necklace belonged to the rapper and advised people not to believe everything they see on the internet.

In related news, ice spice replied if you write your own rhymes. “I’ve always been a villain and I’ve always fallen in love with other villains,” she said. ice spice during the conversation. “I wanted to emulate that and make other people feel that way too,” she explained of her often salacious, female-centric verses.

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