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together for the first time, baby has the collaboration of Mumuzinho, HITMAKER It is MC G15 on the track “Muleke Solto”. The song has a perfect beat to liven up the dance floors and hot summer nights.

“Muleke Solto” is the synthesis of the mixture of Brazilian rhythms, such as samba, pagode and funk, a track with an energetic and dancing vibe, which is characteristic of the artists’ style. The official music video, also presented today, portrays this mood of partying and fun.

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Listen to “Muleque Solto”:

In conversation with The Fox, baby revealed what it was like to work with big names who produce songs that become hits every day, and revealed what’s next for his career.

The Fox: What are the expectations for “Muleke Solto”?

baby: Huge expectation! One of my biggest jobs, I’m fulfilled in doing this project with Mumuzinho, Hitmaker, and I think expectations have already come true. On Youtube we have already surpassed 250,000 views in a few weeks, I have already surpassed 300,000 monthly. Mega happy!

The Fox: What was it like to do a mega collaboration with all these names?

baby: I am very happy, flattered. I’ve worked with Hit before, mumu the first time, they’ve been talking. He is an artist, entrepreneur, incredible experience, even for me to learn. The speechless g15, mad at the pen. He is always on top. Learning a lot in being able to evolve as an artist.

The Fox: What else can we expect from Nanno’s career?

baby: A lot of new and good music, preparing a lot of stuff, a lot of composition ready, a lot of my stuff in the voices of other artists, like one of Tilia with Whindersson, it’s really cool to participate in composition. Lots of versatility, shows and let’s go!

The Fox: Collaborating with Hitmaker is synonymous with hit. How was it for you?

baby: Very important! It is synonymous with hit yes! I’m very happy, very excited, there’s a huge perspective for this music to grow. Working with them is always really cool, they understand a lot about music.

The Fox: Bruno Martini has feats with Iza, Timbaland, joined Sonza and Katy Perry in a remix… And released his EP. How is it to have this production in the catalogue?

baby: Working with Bruno Martini is wonderful, he knows a lot about music. He has been producing since he was little, he learned a lot with Timbaland. He has that special touch and he helps me with some songs. It’s surreal to have him in my catalogue.

The Fox: Was shooting the music video intense and fun?

baby: For sure! There were 12 hours of recording, more than 20 people, I am very grateful to Gringa Filmes, the Universal Music production team. I even got into a shopping cart, there were several fun scenes, Mumuzinho in a wig. You can watch it, you will really like it!

The Fox: What are the goals for 2023, Nanno?

baby: They are certainly from many concerts, events, feats with new artists and established artists. I’ve been working a lot and you’re going to see a lot of Nanno this year. Here we go!

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