One of Netflix’s most POLICY series turns 6 in 2023; See curiosities!

Exactly six years ago, the Netflix launched one of its most controversial series: the adaptation of ’13 Reasons Why’.

Based on the homonymous work by Jay Asherthe production has the young Hannah as the center of the narrative (Katherine Langford), who took his own life after countless instances of suffering and who sent a box of thirteen cassette tapes to Clay (dylan minnette), listing all the reasons that made her commit suicide. And, as if that weren’t enough, they came with instructions to be passed on to the others involved in the case.

also counting on Christian Navarro, Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn, Justice Prentice and several others in the cast, the first season received a favorable reception from critics – but attracted several comments that spoke about its sensitive content, including being the subject of controversies that involved the increase in suicide cases in the United States a month after the premiere of show. In any case, the series has become a favorite with the public by bringing important topics to the table – in addition to guaranteeing Langford a Golden Globe nomination.

To remember ’13 Reasons Why’O CinePOP prepared a brief list bringing some backstage trivia of the work.

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  • Navarro had to learn to drive and obtain a driver’s license before filming began in order to be able to drive the red Ford Mustang seen in the series.
  • Asher was inspired to write the book when a family member tried to take his own life. Some of the events that happen to Hannah are events that happen to teenage girls in real life. He interviewed his wife and female colleagues for things that were difficult or that they never got over.

  • Tony’s (Navarro) cross tattoo on his wrist contains a semicolon, which is symbolic of depression and suicide prevention.
  • Kate Walsh he made a dense preparation to enter his role. The actress tried to make her performance as Hannah’s mother as honorable as she could. “I spoke with two parents who had a child who died by suicide, and I spoke with a psychiatrist, who deals with family therapists, but mostly with families who have lost someone to suicide.”she said to AND! News.
  • Asher agreed with the differences between the book and the Netflix series, stating that “the message is what matters most”.

  • Langford auditioned for both the roles of Hannah and Jessica – eventually landing the lead role.
  • Several cast members met with experts and psychologists to learn and understand their characters’ situations.
  • After reading the book the series is based on, Selena Gomezalong with his mother Mandy Teefey and the producer Kristel Laiblinbrought the book to the producer Anonymous Content for a television adaptation. Gomez was previously signed to star in the project in 2012, when it was being adapted into a feature film by Universal Pictures.

  • After shutting down production, Gomez, Boe (Jessica) and Tommy Dorfman (Ryan) got matching tattoos on their forearms of a subtle black semicolon, which, as mentioned above, represents and symbolizes mental health awareness and suicide prevention.
  • Skye’s character (Sosie Bacon) is an amalgamation of two people from the novel: a friend of Clay’s named Skye, who is a social outcast, and an unnamed waitress at a coffee shop who knows Clay but whom he doesn’t remember.

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