Rumor: TSM will pause its operations in the competitive

The problems continue for TSM, as it is facing a financial crisis that would force it to release several of its templates.

The esports scene in North America is not at its best with several organizations cutting staff due to financial problems. Team SoloMid(TSM) It is once again the center of attention, not because of a new controversy but because of its budget, since according to rumors the team will pause operations for financial reasons.

TSM has been involved in various controversies in recent seasons not only due to poor results within the LCSbut also because of the environment of labor abuse that existed within the organization by its executive director Andy “Reginald” Dinh. Several employees have also recently left the team, as was the case with the general manager of the League of LegendsANDAng “Glen” Po-Jen and the manager, Chien-Yu “Kristine” Huang.

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According to a report in the Sports Business Journal, TSM will pause its sports operations in various disciplines due to financial problems. One of the released teams would be the LCS with the sale of his place, but it could also affect the rosters of Valorant, Fortnite, Apex Legends, among others. Let’s remember that organization released its successful staff of Rainbow Six: Siege which gave him a world championship.

The economy of TSM was affected after its most important partner, the platform of FTX crypto assets files for bankruptcy leaving behind his 10-year naming rights agreement in the amount of $210 million. This was the largest endorsement deal within the industry so far. However, Reginald issued a statement noting that the organization would remain profitable and that they expected a “great year 2023”,

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But, in a Reddit thread, Reginald He explained that the organization “had expanded too fast” so they had to release some of their staff to remain stable. We will have to wait and see the future decisions of TSM and if it finally achieves its expansion to the CS:GO in the middle of the launch of the new Counter-Strike 2

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