Tyler1 explodes against RIOT and the trolls of League of Legends when reuniting with a banned player who removed his punishment

A new controversy surrounds Tyler1 in the competitive world of League of Legends, but this time he is not the culprit, but rather, according to the player, Riot is the main culprit. The reason? The number of toxic players who troll and negatively affect the games of others, something that is excessively bothering the well-known streamer, mainly due to the company’s lack of action.

During this week, many players from North America came to the EUW server with the intention of reaching the rank of Challenger, or failing that, reaching the closest rank possible. Among them is Tyler1, who joined the challenge to achieve his goal and reach the rank of Challenger once again. However, his path has been cut short by Snipers and Trolls who seek to stop him in different ways and have annoyed the player. The point of no return occurred at the moment that Tyler, while analyzing one of his last games on his stream, found himself with the unpleasant surprise that a player who had tried (died on purpose) in a previous game played with him again, something supposedly impossible since he had been banned, but he appealed to Riot and they returned his accountwhich saturated Tyler1 who attacked the rogue company.

Tyler was very upset on the broadcast
Tyler was very upset on the broadcast

“Riot Games, all over the world, the only thing they do is steal money (…) Every job, every position in the area of ​​​​player behavior and client balance, does not deserve anything new.” After disparagingly mentioning the NA, EUW, and Korean servers as servers with a lousy player support system regarding unsportsmanlike behavior around his experience, he continued: “It’s as if Riot hired the most idiots from each regionHow do they hire them? Are they little children? Every region is nasty.”

At some point Tyler1 was also banned and indefinitely, until he demonstrated a change of mind.
At some point Tyler1 was also banned and indefinitely, until he demonstrated a change of mind.

Although Riot has mentioned that it will improve the system to punish sports behavior, this has not been reflected in the games, as shown by Tyler1, who thanks to these players has not risen beyond Master. It must be remembered that this is not the only professional who has charged against Riot, since last year he was Faker who mentioned that he was already frustrated with playing competitive due to professional players losing on purpose.

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