Gamers City Chile 2023, complete program

Gamers City Chile 2023, complete program. From April 14 to 16, Gamers City Chile 2023 will be held, with a complete programming of the video game event in the country.

Gamers City Chile 2023

There are fewer and fewer days left for Gamers City Chile 2023, which will be held for three consecutive days on Friday the 14th, Saturday the 15th and 16th of April. This will be a special event for video game lovers and for all the fans who are entering this world.

The organization indicated that during the three days it will be full of the culture of the game, competition tournaments and esports, as well as music of the highest level. Gamers City Chile 2023 will be open to those who buy their tickets at the Movistar Arena, in a space of 44 thousand square meters.

Program Friday April 14


Presentation of Tainy, top Puerto Rican-Dominican artist

international guests

Taryn Cospaly: Italian internationally recognized for her cosplays


Grand Final Opening LLA (Latin American League of League of Legends)

Riot Games Official Cosplay Showcase

Local / International Video Game Industry Talks

Forero wrestling show

contests and surprises

Program Saturday April 15


David Wise: composer of Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox Adventures and much more

BabyBeard: British Britpop band

Joven Cister: the Chilean urban music artist

Forero: Featured DJ

international guests

AriGameplays and Juan Guarnizo: the streamer couple will face each other in a Valorant showmatch.

David Hayter – the voice of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid

Taryn Cospaly: Italian internationally recognized for her cosplays.


Grand Final Opening FreeFire Latin America.

Rocket League Community Tournament Final

Mortal Kombat 11 Community Tournament Finale

LOL Wild Rift Community Tournament Finale

Cosplay Contest for Attendees, Pro Gamer vs. Public Challenges, Wrestling Showmatches, Red Bull Battle Expo, Justdance Team Party, Public Tournaments, Wrestling Show.

Local / International Video Game Industry Talks

Program Sunday April 16


Akira Yamaoka: Composer of the soundtracks for Netflix’s Silent Hill, Shadow of the Damned, The Medium, and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

Tommy Tallarico: American composer and co-creator of VideoGamesLive.

international guests

Taryn Cospaly: Italian internationally recognized for her cosplays.

Grand Final Opening of ePrimera, the official FIFA esports tournament in Chile

Fortnite Community Tournament Final

Clash Royale Community Tournament Finale

Street Fighter V Community Tournament Final


You can buy tickets for Gamers City 2023 in pre-sale by entering HERE. Remember that you have 20% as a Movistar customer and that you can also buy Meet and Greet tickets with some celebrities.

The values ​​vary according to the day you decide to buy, since Friday is somewhat cheaper, although Saturday and Sunday have the same price and will have more activities. Also A City Weekend Pass is cheaper for the three days of the event.

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