Silent Hill with Fortnite 2.0 Creative mode? A player is creating it

Silent Hill and Fortnite could have come together thanks to the Creative 2.0 mode, since in pc, ps4PS5, Xbox, Switch and mobile with Android and iOS you can make worlds like this terror.

The video of barely 30 seconds has been presented by the Twitter user dqqmanwhich he said was a “new video as a teaser of the horror game“; according to the machine translation of the text.

He has devised everything with him Fortnite 2.0 Creative mode and at first you can see a character walking down the corridor of a house in semi-darkness, until something happens.

He arrives at a typewriter illuminated by a lamp and as he turns down the hall a scene occurs where a strange creature re-imagined by the heroes appears through a door. worlds of terror on consoles and PC.

After his shadow appears, he can be seen and as soon as he catches a glimpse of the character in the video… the rest is history because many regular horror players already know what is happening.

In a response to his tweet, he warns that “all images are from Fortnite” and further confirms: “I haven’t even edited the video!“; therefore, all that is seen in these seconds is previously unpublished material from the game.

Not a ninja on PS4 in the background could have survived this

Now that a possible new way to earn money with Fortnite is left up in the air since the creative mode could receive an economic system, many users are taking their imagination for a walk.

At the moment others have been recreating iconic scenes from GTA 5, Overwatch or FNAF in the Fortnite creative mode 2.0.

But what is most interesting – without discrediting anyone – is that the original fortnite map will return thanks to the creative mode 2.0 Unreal Editor of the battle royale.

Since the Fortnite Season 5 It was left far behind, the first gameplay of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 left many with its news before being played.

And also these were the solutions to the challenges of week 2 of Fortnite season 2 of Chapter 4, always to make life a little less complicated.

It is clear that This is how terrifying is one of the games they are creating in the Creative mode of Fortnite 2.0so much so that it could have inspired by silent hill.

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