10 movies that DESERVED to win the Oscar for Best Picture but didn’t win!

Every year the internet becomes a huge forum debating who should win the Oscar statuette. This year was no different, many did not like Everything Everywhere at the Same Time won the award for Best Film. Over the years, many masterpieces have fallen by the wayside (some weren’t even nominated). With that in mind, below is a list of 10 movies that deserved to win the Oscar for Best Picture but didn’t win!

Attack of the Dogs

In the plot, based on the homonymous work, released in 1967, by the American novelist Thomas Savage, we meet Phil (benedict cumberbatch) and George (Jesse Plemons), the Burbank brothers, wealthy farmers in the Montana region, in 1925, in the United States. With completely different personalities, they always seek understanding when it comes to family business. One day, when they stop at a restaurant in a city, George meets Rose (Kirsten Dunst) and decides to marry her. Rose and son Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee) move in with the brothers on the huge Burbank farm. Phil embarks on a journey to tease the new inhabitants of the house.

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Three Advertisements for a Crime

In the plot, we meet Mildred (Frances McDormand), an elderly woman who works in a small shop and recently lost her daughter in a terrifying way. Trying to put pressure on the authorities, who for seven months have been unable to find a single lead on the murderer, she decides to publish a message to the police on three billboards in sequence, mainly to the head of the Willoughby precinct (Woody Harrelson), the one who has terminal cancer. Thus, trying to discover new clues about what happened and putting more and more pressure on the police, Mildred divides opinions in the city where everything happens.

The arrival

The film tells the story of a renowned linguistics expert, Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams) who is summoned by the US army to be part of a special operation when some huge objects land on Earth, bringing chaos and insecurity to the planet. Along with theoretical physicist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner), Louise will try at all costs to communicate with the aliens using basic literacy rules. Fighting against time, because the military all over the world only think about attacking flying objects, Louise will try to prove that maybe they are not there to destroy humanity.

La La Land – Singing Seasons

In the plot, set in Los Angeles, we meet the pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a Jazz lover who lives looking for his space amidst constant changes that life throws in his path. Grumpy and completely alone, in an unusual way, he ends up meeting the dreamy Mia (Emma Stone), a young woman who left for Los Angeles to pursue a difficult career as an actress but who today works in a kind of Starbucks inside a famous movie recording studio. Soon the love between the lovebirds happens and, between the seasons, they will need to understand what it’s like to live life together and the size that each one’s dream has in the life of the other.

Whiplash – In Search of Perfection

In the plot, we follow the young musician Andrew (Miles Teller), a talented boy who studies at the most prestigious music school in the United States. The protagonist is a drumming prodigy and doesn’t think about anything else than studying and perfecting all his moves. One day, during a surprise selection for the main jazz band at the school where he studies, Andrew is recruited by the feared teacher Fletcher (JK Simmons) and thus begins a trajectory of pain, suffering, dedication, effort and love for music.

the wolf of Wall Street

In the story, we follow the meteoric trajectory of Jordan Belfort (leonard di caprio), a man with only one focus in his life, being very rich. After a rocky start at a promising company, he cleverly manages to absorb everything he needed to become a guru in the art of getting people to invest their money. With the help of friend Donnie Azoff (played by the hilarious Jonah Hill), starts his own company that soon becomes one of the most profitable and targeted by the police on Wall Street. While earning more and more money, he finds the love of his life, Naomi (Margot Robbie) and abuses all kinds of drugs on a daily basis. These addictions end up taking you to rock bottom.

God’s city

Perhaps the masterpiece of the career of Fernando Meirelles, a film that will be etched in the memory of all cinephiles who have already watched it, an impressive production of our audiovisual. In 2002, it hit theaters all over Brazil, God’s cityadapted from the book of the same name by Paulo Lins. In the film, we learn about the trajectory of Cidade de Deus, from the 60s to the beginning of the 80s. Through the stories of characters who live in the region, we see stories that led the place to be considered one of the most violent regions of Rio de Janeiro.

Central do Brasil

Written by the screenwriters Marcos Bernstein It is Joao Emanuel Carneiro, the film tells the saga of a former teacher named Dora who writes letters at Central do Brasil and on a tragic day, with yet another traffic accident in the city, ends up embarking on a journey in search of Josué’s father, a boy from 9 years old, who dreams of being a truck driver, who has no one else in town after his mother’s death. Thus, Dora and Josué will travel thousands of kilometers, either by bus or hitchhiking, to finally try to reach the boy’s father.

A dream of freedom

Beside morgan freeman and great cast Tim Robbins is the protagonist Andy Dufresne, a banker who is accused of having murdered his unfaithful wife and her lover. Sentenced to life imprisonment, he knows pain and suffering by seeking strength in the friendships he makes in prison and, above all, not losing his dream of freedom. Two powerful performances from Freeman and Robbins. It’s impossible not to like this movie.

Argentina, 1985

In the plot, we go back in time to an important cut in Argentina, in the mid-1980s, where shortly after a brutal regime of dictatorship imposed in the country, a prosecutor named Julio César Strassera (Ricardo Darin) has the mission, together with a group of young lawyers, to lead a trial team where they need to gather enough evidence to convict the military who imposed terror on the population during the dictatorship. Strassera will rely mainly on the help of another public prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo (Peter Lanzani). During all the months that surrounded the beginning, middle and end of the trial, without being able to rely much on the police, which in large part was in favor of the military, the prosecutors suffer threats and have their routine completely shaken, but without ever ceasing to believe in the importance of what they did.

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