Absolute Success! Remember the Biggest Box Offices in Cinema from 10 Years Ago

Cinema currently offers the public more and more grandiose productions, full of flawless special effects, unbelievable action scenes and enough emotion to continue to captivate the viewer. This reflects on the cost of such works, each time reaching more astronomical budget levels – unthinkable 30 years ago, for example. Such an investment would need to compensate, after all we are talking about an extremely lucrative market, in which the financial part always speaks louder. Cinema, in addition to art, is also an industry. The exponential increase in investment in a production also resulted in films with absurd collections and never seen before. The so-called “billion club” refers to some films that grossed so much at the box office that they reached the mark of US$ 1 billion or more. It is a select group, which began to emerge little by little in the 1990s.

In this new article we will precisely talk about the highest box office, going back 10 years in the past. Do you remember what that time was like? Yeah, for some it seems like yesterday, for the younger ones, the memory is not so clear. And you, what were you doing 10 years ago? Remember the greatest hits of the era?

Just to give a slight spoiler, the year featured hits like ‘World War Z’, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, ‘Immortal Wolverine’, ‘Pacific Rim’, ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ and ‘If You Drink , Don’t Marry 3’. But what would you say if I told you that none of these made the top 10 at the box office 10 years ago. Yeah, we help you remember below. Check out.

Marvel started to dominate the world 10 years ago. It was the beginning of the producer’s megalomaniac plan Kevin Feig, which worked very well – we can say. ‘The Avengers’, in 2012, was the first piece in this structure, a film that became a phenomenon bringing together the main characters of other franchises in a single project. ‘Thor 2’ arrived on the heels of this success, the very next year. And the film did not let the shuttle drop, despite not matching the success of ‘Avengers’, and today being one of the least appreciated films in the MCU, the second ‘Thor’ had an improvement of US$ 200 million over the original ‘Thor’ . Available on Disney+.

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At around 600 million dollars, ‘The Man of Steel’ was the first piece in what is now called the “Snyderverse” – which came to an end recently. With production by Christopher Nolan, who had finished his ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy the previous year, the idea was really to focus on a more “realistic” and “dark” story for the Man of Steel, as well as the aforementioned trilogy, which brought Batman into our world like never before. The problem is that this content fits the Batman universe, but it is not what most fans expect from a Krypton survivor film. Even so, ‘The Man of Steel’ has its supporters (like this one that speaks to you) and it can be said that it worked, becoming the ninth highest box office of 10 years ago. Available on HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video.

Now we jump to the $700 million mark with this Disney/Pixar animation. No one doubts that the two studios, when they come together, become a true money-making machine, strange is when we don’t find a house production in the top 10. Here, the audiovisual giants decided to tell more about this universe, which belongs to the same as theirs. fourth film together. ‘Monstros Inc.’ followed in the wake of hits like ‘Toy Story’, ‘A Bug’s Life’ and ‘Toy Story 2’, being the fourth computer animation in the curriculum of the house of ideas. And here they broke new ground, thinking of a pre-sequel, which would find partners Mike and Sullivan (again the voices of Billy Crystal and John Goodman) in college. Available on Disney+.

It is natural to see productions from major studios among the highest grossing of each year. Thus, in the four positions presented so far in the list, we have only two studios taking turns: Disney and Warner. It’s okay that we had other studios, like Pixar and Marvel, participating in the story, but both are part of the mega corporation that is the home of Mickey Mouse. ‘Gravity‘ is a Warner film, and it’s also one of the more original projects of recent years, which deserved all the success it got. Yes, it’s rare, but it does happen that a movie that isn’t a sequel, isn’t an adaptation of superhero comics, and isn’t based on any other previously established medium, becomes a phenomenon in Hollywood. ‘Gravity’ is ambitious and daring, and shows the struggle of two astronauts (played by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney) to return to Earth after everything goes wrong there in space. Available on HBO Max.

In sixth position in the ranking, coincidentally we have the sixth copy of a hugely successful franchise. The film nearly broke the $800 million mark, and at the time was the highest-grossing feature in the car racing franchise. In fact, it was from the fifth film onwards that the series took strides to become something more dazzling at the level of ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘007’ than the original films of this franchise. Here, things got even more megalomaniac. Maybe not even the star Vin Diesel, who became the man behind this brand, predicted the proportion that ‘Fast and Furious’ took, becoming Universal Pictures’ golden goose – and one of the most profitable properties in Hollywood today. Available on Telecine Play.

The first ‘Hunger Games’ did well at the box office in 2012, grossing over $600 million. But this sequel upped the game even further, adding more than $200 million to the coffers of Lionsgate, a Hollywood secondary studio gaining immense traction. At this time, adaptations of young-adult fantasy literature were thrown left and right in order to catch up with the lode left by ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Twilight’. Most died on the beach, but one that did very well was this ‘Hunger Games‘. As a bonus, he named the girl Jennifer Lawrence, turning her into a star. Since Hollywood doesn’t like to lose money or momentum, a new ‘Hunger Games’ is coming out of the oven this year. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

As said, Hollywood likes to play it safe. And who doesn’t like it, right? Are you going to say that if it were up to you, you would place bets in the dark or put money on a winning horse? The ‘Lord of the Rings’ franchise was the greatest cinema phenomenon in the early 2000s. So, for convenience, Warner decided to repeat the dose in the following decade, creating a new trilogy within the same universe, entitled ‘The Hobbit‘. Unlike the previous trilogy, which increasingly increased its box office until reaching the third installment (which proves that the public was invested, curious to know how it would end), here we had the opposite effect, with the third film being the least made money from the new batch. Even though it was the “weakest” of the ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy financially, it was strong enough to become the fourth highest grossing movie 10 years ago. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

The mode goes round and round, and the unpredictability that surrounds us in all things is what motivates us to keep going and to be constantly surprised. After all, who would have thought that a production as harmless as the infantile ‘My favorite evil‘ would go on to become one of the biggest film franchises, bought with gusto by the little ones and, to top it off, launch a spin-off with the ‘Minions’ film series. It’s hard to imagine that the sequel would bring down not only the almighty Disney with ‘Monsters University’, but also Marvel (‘Thor 2’) and Warner/DC (with a Superman movie). Even more curious is to think that after the original, all the films in the animated franchise, including the ‘Minions’ derivatives, reached the billion dollar mark year after year. Available on Amazon Prime Video and Telecine Play.

At the beginning of the text I was talking about the very select billion club – a handful of films that did so well at the worldwide box office that they grossed the ridiculous mark of US$1 billion and above. Before this was something unimaginable. Today, year after year, we have at least a few productions that achieve the feat. Altogether there are 51 films with such an honor, and ‘Iron Man 3‘ is one of them. That’s because the third solo film by the mechanized millionaire Tony Stark emerged in the wake of the phenomenon ‘The Avengers’, being the first MCU feature to amend such success. The third ‘Iron Man’ was the most profitable of the trilogy, even though it became a controversial work that divided fans. From him, Marvel films became a fever, unable to avoid making rivers of money. Available on Disney+.

For 10 years in cinema, only two films entered the select billion club. And both belong to Disney Studios. Universal may have scored a breakthrough with the ‘Despicable Me’ franchise, and its continuation may have displaced the sequel to ‘Monsters, Inc.’, one of Disney/Pixar’s biggest hits. But Mickey’s studio gradually demonstrated that it didn’t really need a partner Pixar when it came to creating its own monumental hits. That’s what the company’s animation division demonstrated when producing ‘Frozen a freezing adventure‘, one of Disney’s biggest hits without Pixar. A while ago, the partnership between Disney and Pixar almost fell apart, with the latter threatening to side with another studio. Have you thought? Precisely for this reason, Disney began investing in its own animations – and it worked out very well. The proof of this is ‘Frozen’, the highest grossing of 10 years ago in cinema. Available on Disney+.

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