‘Barbie’ from Paraná creates a pink house just like the doll: ‘I decided to be a real-life pati’ | Entertainment

Living life as a “Barbie” is the dream of many people who grew up with the most famous doll in the world. The magical world gained color (and it’s pink) for Bruna Peres, from Paraná, better known as “Bruna Barbie”, a nickname she earned when she was still a teenager.

If on the big screen Margot Robbie will be the doll in the live-action that premieres on July 21, in real life Bruna has already come forward. Being accompanied by more than 20 million followers on just one of her social networks, the influencer gives life to the desire of fans of animation and the world of fantasy.

Bruna’s kitchen in Barbie style — Photo: Playback/Instagram

Amidst questions like “Are you only going to wear this color?” and “Don’t you get sick of pink?”, Bruna invested heavily to turn movie theater magic into reality. To unite her love for the color pink and the so-called “Barbie style”, she was inspired by youth films such as “Legally Blonde”, “Mean Girls” and “Pretty Girls from Beverly Hills”.

“I’ve always liked Barbie. Since I was a child I watched and admired the story. But it was in my teens that I decided to adopt the style. I love the color pink and movies in a more preppy way, and so I decided to be a real-life “pati”. It got to the point that I was already known for looking like the doll and for the same clothes as hers – says Bruna.

Human Barbie pool — Photo: Reproduction

Living room, bathroom, swimming pool and everything imaginable, the influencer’s house is a complete sea of ​​pink.

— When I started working with the internet, I decided to build my own house and asked my architect for a project inspired by the 1990s doll houses. She took several inspirations and reproduced them the way I wanted. I had to have a lot done, like the pink pool, for example. I’m always making changes, now I’m planning a new floor that will be a new setting for this universe – revealed Bruna.

Household items from Barbie’s pink universe — Photo: Reproduction

Excited to watch the live-action, the influencer celebrates the release of the trailer and says she is looking forward to watching the film. Another cause for celebration is the diversity present in the feature, which she considers a break with standards and stereotypes. Bruna says that she uses her influence on social networks to inspire her followers on socially relevant topics, such as the cause in favor of animal defense.

“People think I’m shallow for the way I dress, but I don’t care. I think we need to break these taboos that a woman doing and living according to her wishes is futile and stupid. I use my visibility on the internet to talk about serious issues such as vegetarianism and the defense of the animal cause – she said.

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