Counter-Strike 2 hacked and accounts steam how the game is not sold

The ‘black market’ did not take long to make the new version of Counter-Strike available, and in Russia it has been selling Steam accounts with access to the Beta Test for values ​​between 70 dollars and 150 dollars.

It doesn’t take long for a pirated version of Counter-Strike 2 to hit various torrent sites in order to be played unofficially.

The available version can only be started through a Steam emulator and completely offline, since the bots mode is the only one available within the game.

Since Counter-Strike 2 has barely officially launched, it will not see it, until now it has sold Steam accounts with access to the game for values ​​between 70 and 150 dollars.

An article of the site escorenews.comreports several Russian users to market Steam accounts with access to the Limited Beta Test of CS2 and tied some linked to FACEIT accounts at level 10 – this is not CS:GO.

Now, the only official way to play the new Counter-Strike 2 is through an invitation from Valve and therefore any user who wants to do it in an unofficial way is at risk.

You can read all about the news of Counter-Strike 2 here and compare the differences between CS:GO and CS2 maps through this link. Beta access is still limited and these are Valve’s conditions.

Read the latest news two esports here.

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