Fortnite: Focus returns renewed to the store with a great offer

The classic Bounty Hunter variant now has its own bundle, and with a more affordable price for certain players.

A few months ago Flare was relaunched in Fortnite with its cosmetics that were distributed in a previous Reset Campaign, something that was expected to happen to the same Focus. However, the latter has just happened and is back on sale at a huge discount.

In the last few hours, the battle royale item shop was updated and reinstated the purchase of the rare category skin of the Bounty Hunter. In addition to being able to be obtained individually, it already has its own package of sonic elements.

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This is what the Focus bundle contains with its items and prices separately in Fortnite:

  • Focal Point Lot – 1800 PaVos
    • Focus outfit (includes the retro Portanunchakus backpack) – 1200 PaVos
    • Hang gliding Sonic Table – 800 PaVos
    • Sonic Focus Wrapper – 500 PaVos
    • Peak Fixation – 800 Turkeys

As we indicated at the beginning of the note, the Focus lot was enabled with a discount similar to that of the Flare skin since its relaunch. That is, those who have the hang glider and wrapper that was awarded in the last Reset Campaign, will get a total of 500 paVos.

Also Epic gave the set a refresh almost entirely. The three oldest cosmetics which are the pickaxe, the character and the retro backpack, got the Future Agent style which gives them a darker tone while respecting their sonic aesthetics.

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Until then, we have to wait for the arrival of the new Fortnite Reboot Campaign. Furthermore, according to past leaks, more varied items belonging to other collections would be offered. For example the hang glider X-34 Landspeeder from the Original Star Wars Trilogy or the Wrapper Ones and Zeros from Follow the White Rabbit.

If the Reset Campaign came back right now, these would be its rewards.

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