Lifeweaver is a true “jojoposes” party and the Overwatch x JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure collaboration is already taking place

I recently had the opportunity to play the fourth season of Overwatch 2 through a server for the press, and naturally, the protagonist there was Lifeweaver. In case you weren’t quite on the subject, he is a new hero who fits the role of healer within the template; while on the narrative level, he is a Thai scientist and artist who dreams of a better world. Also, part of the characterization of him is in that naturally attractive —is delighting the public queer, on their own merits as well— which reminds me a lot of the characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Hirohiko Araki’s manga is famous for its many unique traits, one of which is the bona fide cultural phenomenon we affectionately nickname “jojoposes“. As its name indicates, it goes about the iconic way in which its heroes and villains pose: convoluted, difficult to replicate in real life; but also stylish as themselves. And there three or four elements of what come together. more exotic that, together, define something similar to a new male beauty canon. One that our Lifeweaver has also directly embraced.

We are talking about (mostly) muscular men, with marked features; tight exotic clothing, sometimes bare-chested; a level of elegant body expression, full of filigree and flourishes. But beyond that visible and superficial level, there is a subtler layer; a play of light and shadow, camera angles, flexion and meticulous distribution of the center of gravity of the body, leering glances and smiles; and in short, a whole science behind those “jojoposes” that we inevitably take as a joke but that have a great artistic value.

Lifeweaver borrows heavily from JJBA in that sense, and when I saw his victory poses, graffiti, and gestures, it was very clear to me that at some point in development, Blizzard studied Dio Brandoto Giorno Giovanna oh Joseph Joestar, among others. Even more so if we take into account that Californians had already recognized in the past that Moira’s career is influenced by Naruto, or that Doomfist as an idea clearly comes from the hand of Saitama from One Punch Man. In fact, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk to the art director, Dion Rogers, about it.

He told me at that time that internally the studio is full of weebsand that if we had an OW x OPM collaboration it’s because Aaron Keller (game director) is a fan of the series and had tried to get nods in the past —which is where the dialogue comes from”one punch is all I need“—and even commented that Overwatch as an IP is a kind of cultural handshake between East and West, so I would like to continue working with other manga or anime franchises. Whether JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure makes the list or not, time will tell.

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