Minecraft Legends: The first few hours of a new way to play Minecraft

After 11 years of existence, Minecraft is a franchise in the world of video games whose fame and scope cannot be denied. Its great flexibility as a sandbox has allowed it to cover many spaces and its constant updates keep its players interested.

This success has also led Mojang, the studio behind the franchise, to look for new ways to take Minecraft. On this occasion, together with Blackbird Interactive, the famous world of construction takes a different turn to what we are used to: the world of strategy. Last week we had the privilege of being one of the first media to play this new installment.

What is Minecraft Legends?

Minecraft Legends is an action strategy game developed by Blackbird Interactive and Mojang. This title takes several of the elements that make up the Minecraft franchise to deliver a different experience. During our hours of play we had the opportunity to go through part of the tutorial, as well as a multiplayer game.

Within its story, a dimension is being attacked by beings known as Piglins, who through the corruption generated by the Nether seek to conquer everything. It is there where some deities known as Foresight, Action and Knowledge are in charge of recruiting a hero who is capable of defending this dimension through his courage and his ability to unite all beings to defend himself against this attack.

The game takes up the elements that make up Minecraft, from its aesthetics, characters, to the collection of resources. At first, our character is capable of commanding small golems that are used to deal with the piglins and the structures they have been building. Within what we played, the matter was simple, creating a series of altars to invoke these beings and attracting them with basic commands to indicate an attack point and once the attack was over, gather them at our side. Attacking the piglins and their structures was, during these first hours, a simple experience where the game guides you, teaching you not only to move your troops, but also to build bridges to cross, as well as showing the first indications of how to go. improving or creating more mobs to help you on your adventure.

And the multiplayer experience?

On the other hand, we had the multiplayer experience, where either 1 vs. 1 or in teams of up to 4 vs. 4, more complicated matches can be made. Our goal is to defend a source that represents our base. In this team experience we were able to divide the tasks, with someone collecting resources, another generating troops or while another created the fortifications and towers to defend the base. The experience was quite fun, as well as chaotic, since construction can be done anywhere. Part of the communication is through the voice chat of the consoles, although it also has a pinging system that, although very basic, helps to reliably indicate points on the map. Here we had the opportunity to meet more mobs that we did not meet during the tutorial, as well as new technologies and materials.

What is it like to play Minecraft Legends?

As we have mentioned, Minecraft Legends is a title that at its core is strategy but that has elements of an action game. Although the strategy genre is one that is always associated with being best played on a PC, the controls are very well adapted to be enjoyed on console. During our hours of testing we were able to experience both the classic keyboard and mouse, as well as the Xbox controller, and switching from one to the other was extremely natural.

The mix of these two genres really eases the experience into the controls, something Minecraft Legends Producer Nathan Rose told us they’ve been researching and refining over the past few years. “We did a lot of research with almost 1,000 people playing it,” Rose told us. “We’ve had the game playable for about two years and what we’ve been doing is polishing it up.”

Should I know anything about Minecraft before playing Minecraft Legends?

Yes and no. On the one hand, having an idea of ​​the various elements that make up Minecraft lore can help, as you will more easily recognize various elements and resources and what they do. Although yes, the game is quite clear in guiding you on what you can expect from each of the elements, in addition to new aspects that keep the formula fresh.

However, it’s also worth going in without knowing anything about Minecraft, or at least this is what Nathan Rose told us, mentioning that “it’s probably easier if you don’t know Minecraft, because then you don’t have any preconceived ideas” about everything. that you meet on the way.

When does Minecraft Legends come out?

Minecraft Legends is about to hit PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on April 18. Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers can expect it day 1 on the respective platforms.

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