The new content for Overwatch 2 is presented in its Season 4

Sigma will be the character to receive a new mythic level skin.

With Lifeweaver ahead as the main novelty, this morning everything that will come to fruition was shown Overwatch 2 in the next few days as part of the Season 4.

The new structure of Overwatch for its sequel is based on seasons, with the next one being dated to have its start on Tuesday April 11.

While it was already known that Lifeweaver joins the cast of eligible characters in the new season, this hero will not be the only addition since, as in past seasons, there will be a lot of content on the way for the community of Overwatch 2.

It was through a video on YouTube that the official Season 4 trailer was unveiled, offering this a glimpse of what’s to come for the game.

Mythical skin for Sigma

Among the most striking contents appears a new mythical skinthis time for Sigma that bears the name Galactic Emperor Sigma and features a space pirate style in the vein of space skins seen before for heroes like Soldier: 76 and Cassidy.

The skin presents different golden ornaments such as on the shoulders and the front, as well as on the gray cap and a scarf in a red hue.

Like other mythic skins, Galactic Emperor Sigma will have up to three different color and design changes to give it different looks.

The new mythical skin of Sigma will be the reward of the last level of the new battle passThis is only for those who buy the premium version.

Regarding the battle pass, skins have been confirmed when passing levels for characters like Hanzo and Lifeweaver, as well as poses for other heroes like Mercy.

For his part, the market will have different payment skins for characters like Zenyatta, Roadhog, Junkrat or the newcomer, Lifeweaver.

Special events

Season 4 of Overwatch 2 will present different special events that will be arriving throughout the season, these being the following:

  • star watch from May 9 to 22 as an event with a new game mode that will be accompanied by a new comic
  • Lifeweaver Challenge starting April 11 to get a free skin for the character
  • talantis from April 25 to May 1 with battles on a map made by the community
  • symmetra challenge from 23 to 29 may
  • celebrate pride starting June 1

Season 4 will begin on Tuesday, April 11 on all consoles in which Overwatch 2 is available, remembering that the game is already under the free-to-play model.

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