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Overwatch 2 bets all the meat on the grill with the Season 4. Those at Blizzard Entertainment know that they have already reached the desert valley of moving away from its release date, when they attracted attention due to the curiosity of the moment, and they must continue to keep the gears running. And, at least from what the trailer for their new season looks like, it’s clear that they have. We have everything, references, skins, events, New Character and all free.

Overwatch 2 Season 4 Date

As the rumors pointed out, we will not pass the equator of April without welcoming the new season of the game. Thus, and as confirmed a few minutes ago by the game’s official Twitter account, Season 4 will begin next Tuesday April 11.

New character: Lifeweaver

In this case, and contrary to the previous season, the Americans get even with a new support entering through the front door and with “jojo-references” to the game. We’ve already gotten a look at Lifeweaver and his abilities, but, like past seasons, he’ll arrive via the game’s battle pass.

Season 4 Events

To all the content that will arrive, which is not little, accompanies a very important list of events to be enjoyed by all completely free:

  • star watch – May 9 to 22. It looks like it will replace the Overwatch Archives event.
  • BOB and WeaveStarts April 11. This new game mode will give us a free epic Lifeweaver skin when completing challenges.
  • Talantis – April 25 to May 1. This new season does not come with a new map itself, but it will let us try Talantis, that scenario created with the help of the community on the ocean floor.
  • Symmetra Challenge – May 23-29. No information.
  • Celebrate Pride – Starting June 1. There is also no information.

Brigitte’s Rework

There are still many details to discover, but Blizzard has not missed the shot by stating that the rework Brigitte’s would arrive after Season 3. As we have said, we do not know beyond what we have seen in 5 seconds of footage, but the support of the game will be able to enlarge your shield size to the sides, protecting more teammates and getting dangerously close to Reinhardt’s size.

Season 4 Skins

The complete list seems to be extensive, very, very extensive. To begin with, there is no predetermined event with another license, but there are small sets of very well-chosen and spectacular skins. For a start, doomfist, mercy, Kiriko, D.Va, Ana, Hanzō and the same Lifeweaver they will have exclusive skins in the battle pass.

The Overwatch 2 store will also receive new skins and we have already been able to see cardboard reinhardt and Zenyatta as Pinocchio. And here we enter the important segment: the most relevant skin of the battle pass will arrive with Sigma and her “Sigma Emperor”.

Are skins flirt with Warhammer and both Soldier 76, Mercy and Sojourn will have one, each one more epic. In fact, in terms of references, this season is not cut. Baptiste will have a sci-fi skin inspired by Death Stranding and tracer a highlight of Akira.

A spectacular Season 3 that will give us 2 more months of content non-stop. Remember that, apart from the battle pass itself and the in-game store, all this content is free. Of course, there are still things to see for the future such as that Shadow rework and the story mode.

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