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  • Nuevo León will receive the best Counter-Strike teams in America, to define their pass to the World Cup in Paris.
  • ACE and Vívaro, in alliance with Blast.TV, will host an unprecedented event in the state. A gamer audience of almost 20 million people is expected worldwide.
  • From April 6 to 9, 16 teams from Brazil, Argentina, the United States and Canada will compete in qualifying matches to define the top 5 that will arrive at the Paris Major next May.

Monterrey, NL, Mexico, April 5, 2023.- From April 6 to 9, Nuevo León will host one of the competitions of esports The most recognized worldwide, the AMERICAN RMR – CS GO PARIS 2023. This event will be supported by ACE, a company from Vívaro and its subsidiaries, 100 percent from Monterrey, which will make it possible for the event to be carried out and broadcast to almost 20 million viewers. on the five continents.

Rooms and lounges of the Safi Metropolitan hotel in San Pedro Garza García, will become the bunker in which 16 elite Counter-Strike teams will look for one of the five tickets assigned to the representatives of America and that will take them to the world championship of the specialty to be held in Paris, France, in the month of May.

“ACE has a long history of hosting world-class esports events and tournaments in North and South America, and will offer teams from the Americas the opportunity to play on the biggest esports stage”said Andrew Haworth, Director of Production and Operations at BLAST.TV.

ACE, in alliance with Blast.TV, are the main sponsors of this event in which Counter-Strike videogame experts will face each other in multiple rounds to achieve various objectives that will lead them to victory. Counter-Strike is the role model video game for games like Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty, and Overwatch.

We are positioning Nuevo León as the esports hub in Latin America”, commented Octavio Echeagaray, General Director of ACE.

Nuevo León will also receive teams from different countries of the American continent: 1 from Argentina, 10 from Brazil and 5 from Canada and the United States. All of them will face each other in Swiss format games, to define the undisputed best of the American continent.

“Thanks to our proximity to the United States, we have the opportunity to grow the industry in our country. In addition, we are very excited to contribute Latino talent and share it with the rest of the world.”, added Echeagaray

The AMERICAN RMR will be carried out, for the first time, by the hand of a Latin provider thanks to the confidence of in ACE as the largest Latin production company specialized in esports and the best option to carry out this elite event.

Each of the duels will be broadcast via streamingvia Blast.TV, on his Twitch and YouTube channels.

This event is possible thanks to the infrastructure and technological support of the Monterrey company Vívaro in coordination with its business units: Vívaro Telecom, Vívaro Media and Vívaro Vídeo.

Vivaro Telecom will deploy all its innovation, technology and network connectivity, to transport the signal and image to the United States and the rest of the world in real time thanks to its low latency fiber optic network and redundant Internet outlets using its border crossings in McAllen and Nuevo Laredo. for his part Vivaro Media contributes its experience in the distribution and transmission of signal and video to the whole world for events of global interest, while Vivaro Videocontributes with his extensive knowledge in matters of production and realization of international sporting events.

All the details during the course of the AMERICAN RMR – CS GO 2023 tournament will be broadcast through and on the ACE social networks @LigaAceEsports on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch and YouTube.

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